{ Photograph: Anjolee DeMaroux Photography. }

 { Tattoo – Karrah Teague. }       


 Dress: Treasure Trove Vintage – won via Sewn Seeds auction to support Verona Street Animal Society + Girls Rock Rochester. }

#Shoplocal is a lifestyle. An affordable and unique,
an economic and sustainable lifestyle.


I believe in Rochester, NY, + I believe in small businesses thriving to make it work. I grew up in the city of Rochester, and I live here now. From as early as I can remember, shopping in and looking for the local stops always meant more. More unique. More interesting. More affordable.

#ShopLocal is Monday night dinner. #Shoploal is a simple thank you note. #Shoplocal is one-of-a-kind jewelry for ourselves, and for others.


Shopping Local in Rochester, NY is more sustainable.

The #ShopLocal Campaign is about infusing all facets of Shop Local into our daily lives.

Call To Action.

#EatLocal #DrinkLocal #ArtLocal #MusicLocal #RocLocal #BeLocal