Save v. Spend. Nail Polish on the Cheap.

All Time Fav Save.
Rimmel London in French Rose.
If you know me by now, you know that I love nail polish. We can thank Nicole Jaclyn for that. And my inner-Kindergarten-self who would have bought stock in Lee-Press-Ons had she known what stock was. Not only do I love nail polish, but I love expensive nail polish. Or varnish. Or laquer. The good stuff. And while I maintain the truth in an $8-$15 buy, and while I can vouch for the validity of a $20 lacquer (it lasted 3 weeks with negligible touch-ups!!!), my thrifty self can’t help but ponder a niche for nail polish on the cheap.

Disclaimer: If you’re going to buy “cheap,” you must–must–still use quality base & top. If you decline, then not only did you waste $.99/$1.99/$4.99, but you also wasted the time you took in picking out and applying said varnish. Trust me. Buy the base. Buy the top. Reapply top liberally. (If you don’t, it will go bad. So go crazy.)
Inspiration: Why the sudden curiosity?? You see. My all-time favorite laquer is a shade enticingly titled French Rose and made by Rimmel London. I love it. I, in fact, cannot live with out it. This is the most versatile, most true, most easy-to-apply, most wearable, most subtle, most demure, most high-impact neutral I have EVER found. Dare I say: not even my Zoya Kennedy measures up.
Neutral & Nude.
Gel-like in Finish.
French Rose (#140) by Rimmel gives the appearance of a gel nail with the effort of a French Manicure (senza the tip … unless you add one) and the ease of a tapered brush. Said brush applies smoothly and, due to its width & taper, is extremely forgiving. I cannot get enough of this polish and always have it in-stock. Of its many uses:
Neutral Nail.
Accompanying Nail to an Accent.
Base Color to a Streaky Nail Polish.
Interview Nail.
Step-Up from a Clear Nail.
Let me be clear: Rimmel’s French Manicure PRO series is pretty good. (Some of the colors are streaky even after several coats). French Rose 140, on the other hand, might as well be the Chanel No. 5 of neutrals. It is that good.
Nail Polish on the Cheap: As noted in my first Save v. Spend on Nail Polish, I advised to save on polishes for 3 reasons: 1.) when buying trendy colors 2). when wearing only a few times 3). when sampling a color. In all of these scenarios, spare yourself the $8 & check out the $.99/ $1.99 options. Today, I opted for Wet ‘n’ Wild.
Wet ‘n’ Wild Shine.
Dreamy Poppy 429D.
This summery-spring like weather in dreary Rochester, NY had me thirsting for some pink-lemonade. After I bought 2 different varietals at Trader Joe’s (…we’re seriously sun deprived in the #Roc), I found a similar shade at CVS. I knew I had to blog about Wet ‘n’ Wild Shine in Dreamy Poppy 429D–just $.99!!–as soon as I swiped the first coat. Atop Seche Clear, it glided-on like a pro:
Thick but not Gloppy.
High Pigmentation.
Great Coverage & Not Streaky.
Seriously Simple Brush Strokes.
Similar to mascara, wand means everything. The wand on Wet ‘n’ Wild Shine is super long. Longer than any other brand I’ve seen and therefore affords far more control. The brush, though thin, coats evenly & smoothly. A Seche Vite top coat helps nails to dry quickly & seamlessly. Needless to say, I am seriously impressed. And about $7 richer.
Knock-It-Off: Another recent encounter I had with “cheap” polishes is Walmart’s response to Deborah Lippmann. This celebrity manicurist is known for her luxe Butter London line and recently emerged with the haute of nail couture: Staccato. With ice-cream-parlor-meets-street-smarts-appeal, flecks of sparkles add depth and texture to her pastel shades. It’s the varnish response to studded bracelets & heel-hardware as paired with Anthropologie fashions. And everyone is copying. Including Hard Candy, a sweetly packaged beauty brand sold exclusively by Walmart. I basically loathe the corporate giant, but when Nicole had already bought the polish, I could not resist.
Accent Pointer.
Hard Candy in Gummy Green.
Let’s talk compliments. The receptionist at Scott Miller, one of Rochester’s premier salons, complimented me. Numerous customers with whom I work daily complimented me. My co-worker complimented me. …And it was only one nail. I painted just one nail–the pointer–with Gummy Green from their Candy Sprinkles line & my pointer commanded more respect than Stick Stickly. (There’s a ’90’s throwback that I bet that I’m the 1st to reference.)
Gummy Green lasted a good 5 days before it began to chip. With premier base & top. Just about 1-2 days below average when you go with the spend-polishes. We will see how long my Wet ‘n’ Wild Shine endures…
Save  time
for the 

Shop Local. Happy Birthday Shop Peppermint!!! & Wants v. Don’t Needs.

Happy Birthday ShopPeppermint!!!
Shop Peppermint.
Emma/Model. Tanvi/Owner/Designer. Cooper/Cuddly.

I wanted earrings. Bow earrings. Anchor earrings. Stud earrings. Sunglass earrings. Not all of the above, but some combination therein. And I wanted rings. Dainty rings. Edgy rings. Rings with character. Finally, I wanted bangles. Bangles that bang. Bangles that bling. But I did not–most definitely did not–want all of these things, all at once. What am I to do with 13 new pairs of earrings?? 

Lacquer Bow Set
Faceted Pyramid Studs
Bead, Heart, &Anchor Set

Wants v. Don’t Needs
We all know the concept of: Needs v. Wants. I surmise, we all loathe it. Buy only what you needEat only what you needBlablabla. It implies that what you want, what you desire, matters not. It is unimportant. Inane. What you want is unnecessary. Needs v. Wants. Pfft. We all need the same basic things. What we want is what makes you, you. I say, think not in terms of Needs v. Wants. Think in terms of Wants v. Don’t Needs.
Wayfarer Sunglasses Stud
Matte Rose Stud
Shop Local. A Lesson.
Shop Local & Know Why. Why do we #ShopLocal?? If you remember Go Buy Rochester, you’ll remember that:

Studies prove every dollar spent with a locally-owned merchant has three times the impact of a dollar spent at a big box store.

To #ShopLocal is to make a direct investment in your local community and to buy items that have a story. Often times, the goods we buy in our local shops are made & assembled solely in America. Did you know that a large number of the items in Tanvi Asher’s Shop Peppermint is jewelry from local artists and dresses, blouses, and skirts from her own clothing line, designed by Tanvi & made in NYC?? True fact. In order to appreciate the concept of don’t needs, you must appreciate the value of quality over quantity. I much rather have 1 quality, cute, ring than 2 of the same assembly-line carbon copies made out of who-knows-what-material in who-knows-where-working conditions.
Shop Peppermint. #ShopLocal.
Top: Local Artisan Ring. Pretzel-Heart Bangle
Bottom: Glasses Frames Earrings.
Know What You Want. 
(And How Many.)
I’m on a budget. At one point I realized that if I didn’t sign-up for 10 work-out classes (which is in addition to yoga), I had $100 extra for shopping. …
On Saturday, April 13, ShopPeppermint celebrated their 1st Birthday. Who doesn’t love a minty birthday?? Honestly. … Obviously, this “extra” hundo-was going straight to the candy bowl. More specifically, it was getting dropped on some jewels. As noted, Shop Peppermint boasts a lovely selection of local artisans’ work–double #ShopLocal!–as well as kitschy trunk-show products. From geometric necklaces and earrings, in mediums ranging from wood to mixed-metals and textures, and whimsical earrings, like ampersands and glasses frames, to bangle bracelets in silver and gold, with rose buds & pretzel hearts: never before had I partook in these delicacies. Birthday weekend was my shot.
Taken from My Bedroom.
Locally Made Chevron Necklace.
Truly, I wanted only 1 of each: earring, bracelet, ring, necklace. So I did an experiment. I tested myself.
The Test.
Everyone knows that you can buy a cute pair of neon orange matte rose studs at Forever21 for a-buck-80. It’s absurd. And 4 lacquered bow studs in a set for just $3 more. Ridiculous. Because shipping is free once you spend $50+ and because I budgeted $100, I decided to do it make a wish list. (That I titled Summertime Sassiness.) I wanted to test myself. BarbaraEllen, the #ShopLocal purveyor & self-proclaimed RocOPhile herself: would she succumb to the allure of rock bottom prices & quantity inexcess?? Or would she be won by her true love, local buys & quality character?
Nautical Stud Set
13 – pairs of earrings (set of 3 anchors for Nicole Jaclyn)
Mixed Metal Heart Ring
Double Cross Ring
2 – rings
0 – bangles
Bicycle Print
1 – T (Don’t really need. Just needed to get to $50.)
Denim Shorts
1 – denim short (Samesies.)
2 – totes (1 for a work friend who really didn’t want it & another for a photographer friend who is an artist and a genius wherein this bag wouldn’t do justice as a gift to thank her for her art of me!!)
Smile Camera Tote
Sunglasses Clad Tote
In order to spend $50 & get my free shipping, I had to buy all of this. Thirteen pairs of earrings!? Even if I did give away 3 of them, what am I to do with 10 extra pairs?? Where am I even to put them around my bedroom??? How on earth do I decide which pair to wear during the day. I’m late enough as it is getting out of the door each morning. I mean really. We know what would have ended up to most of that haul, don’t we?? …Don’t we.
Don’t Needs.
Waste & Excess.
Bonus Buy!!
Sleeveless Sheer Blouse.
That’s the point. We don’t. We do not use it. It lies around, maybe gets 1 use probably not even for 1 full season. Qualifier: I will say this. If I knew that 3 other of my friends really wanted bow earrings as well, well then yes, I would buy that 4 pack. And we could split them and be best friends forever. Aw. But so far as I know, none of my friends want the left overs of a bonus pack of earrings that I buy for myself from Forever21. So there goes that. Truly, I can not handle having all of that meaningless jewelry around me. And so, when I spend just about 10x as much money on a meaningful ring because it is made from a local artist and sold at locally owned shop, because I can afford not to buy so much crap, well, I feel pretty great.
Dave “Bippy” Boyer the Caricaturist.
Right: From Left – Nicole, Danielle, BarbaraEllen.
I am stoked about my haul from Shop Peppermint during its Birthday Weekend. First, let me say, I went twice in 1 day. Let me also say that Tanvi served vegan cake pops & red velvet cupcakes, on cake platters covered in mint (get it?) colored fondant, with honey-mustard pretzels and champagne, freshly followed-up by any amount of mint you could ever savor. All beneath a swirl of red and white balloons. My first trip began around 1pm, just as the caricaturist, a jovial and personable artist who goes by Bippy–Yes. Tanvi hired a caricaturist. Yes. We were the first to partake.–arrived and slews of patrons made Peppermint abuzz. My second trip, around 6pm and just an hour or so before Shop Peppermint closed, was greeted with just the same amount of red velvet cupcakes and champagne as when I arrived 5 hours earlier. …Not because no one ate nor drank. Because Tanvi’s a shop owner, a designer, a party planner, and a host.
Birthday Cake & Champagne!!
Vegan Cake Pops. Red Velvet Cake Cups.
Minty Fresh Party.
Guess how many Peppermints.
Complementary Beach Grab-Bag!!
Truly, a Happy Birthday to Shop Peppermint, one of the most locally minded #ShopLocal boutiques in town. Love the clothes. Love the jewels. Love the bag. Love the boutique. Love getting what I want & what I need. And Love that I’m going VIP to Peppermint Origins: Sewn Seeds Fashion Show!!!
Happy 1st Birthday to ShopPeppermint!!
(And be on the look out for the new blogazine #Rocstache.)