RocArt. Rochester Is the Coolest Urban Small Town: St. Monci.

St. Monci. I don’t know the precise way to pronounce his name, but I am indubitably enamored and entranced by his art. Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of heading downtown with 2 awesome friends, Dani + Dan (they date, see above), into the lesser known alleys of Rochester’s East End. I remembered it as a bakery and was fascinated to know that this tiny, geometric building, near to some Rochester Wall Therapy, had become the 1975 art gallery. From September 7 – September 28, the gallery features Adventures in Technicolor by St. Monci, a solo collection of geometric patterned paintings and multimedia work. Check out the exhibit’s flyer here or here. For a preview, please explore St. Monci’s website + Facebook page. To experience it2-D paintings popping out in 3-D color, encased within an open rectangular space whose walls’ angularly painted features grab you into the pieces–stop by 1975 on Charlotte Street (near Union). Now.


“1975 presents Adventures in Technicolor by St. Monci.” Framed it.











To learn more about St. Monci, check out his website. Check him out on Facebook. Follow him on Twitter. And try not to like every single thing he posts on Instagram. (Try it.) Another super cool endeavor St. Monci contributes to Rochester is Wall Therapy. I’ve only seen a few murals in print, and even fewer in person, but sometime soon, before beloved Rochester is covered in snow, I plan to tour our city streets to imbibe as many murals as possible. Somewhat of a Un-Tourist’s Tour. Even had I seen all of the walls and neighborhoods so graced by these therapists and their paint, I could never begin to convey the movement’s altruistic roots and genuine reach. Please visit the website to learn more about the initiative. Tour Rochester to see them on your own.

One of my favorite posts on St. Monci’s website? Video of him spray painting a mural on the back of the Fine Arts Theatre building in the South Wedge on Gregory Street + South Ave. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I.

(Vote Best of Rochester 2013 for St. Monci, 1975 Gallery, + Wall/Therapy, which is on there several times!)








Shop Local. Julie Rodda + Blue Honey Jewelry.

Julie Rodda is a #ShopLocalivore with a seriously stylish twist. Creator of Blue Honey Jewelry + Candles, Rodda sells her wares in various shops, mostly throughout Rochester and Webster—she also hosts an Etsy account–and buys mostly made in the USA materials. Oh and weeknights, you can find Rodda serving at Bacco’s Ristorante, a unique, cozy, and authentic local eatery on Park Ave in the heart of a burgeoning #ShopLocal district. This born + raised Webster native embodies #ShopLocal.

I first met Julie in the throes of Park Ave Fest. Her steam punk designed glass bottle necklace caught a glint in my eye, and when I found out she’d designed and crafted it locally, I knew I had to know more. Artfully made with a distinct style that hooks-up funk + chic, Rodda vends her jewelry in a myriad of local shops, including Chartreuse Studios right across from Bacco’s. Chartreuse, an art studio and salon that has garnered respectful media coverage, sits conveniently close to Magnolia’s on Park near the Oxford-Park intersection. When I met with Julie a second time, a few weekends ago at Spot, she clued me into her other hot spots + local tastes. Here’s the run down:


Blue Honey Jewelry and Candles has class. Julie brought me gifts. {Unnecessary. So appreciated.} And packaged them adorably adoringly. Classic Julie Rodda.

Where Julie’s Been – From FIT to Crafter

With a flare for fashion, Julie was originally headed toward the Fashion Institute of Technology. During high school, she partook in the Fashion Merchandizing/Modeling program at BOCES and gained hands-on experience by meeting with designers in New York City. As Rodda evolved, she channeled this creative energy into crafting. A passion that has, quite literally, saved Julie’s life.

What Julie Does – ShopLocalivore

I call Julie a #ShopLocalivore because, truly, she is a full consumer of the #ShopLocal #BuyLocal … #CraftLocal movement! As frequently as she can, Rodda supports other local markets and artists throughout her daily life. From flowers and produce at the Public Market, to working for 3 different local employers (!) Rodda explains that she loves to keep her money local. Aside from shopping, working, and selling in the city, Rodda also extends #ShopLocal to her local town of Webster.

These are Some of Julie’s Favorite #ShopLocal Spots:


Shop Peppermint



Public Market


Chocolate & Vines


Webster Gourmet

Berry’s Irish Old School Pub



F. Oliver’s

 Blue Honey Jewelry + Candles – #ShopLocal

Julie’s crafting began 5 years ago when her unique jewelry style garnered outside attention. First she began filling random orders, which then blossomed into local crafts shows in Webster. Currently, Julie sells Blue Honey in several venues. {See Below.} Julie describes her jewelry as having a distinct tone and, from youngerstyles to older, having something for everyone. While I cannot begin to do justice to Julie’s Blue Honey Jewelry with words, I will attempt to explain some of the unique features that adds allure to Blue Honey’s charm.


Steam Punk – This is why Julie + I met. The miniature cogs + bobs in an equally as miniature glass jar that lent femininity and character to an industrial edge. As you may recall, I love this necklace so much that my brother’s girlfriend loved it more and so I gave it to her. With gracious generosity, Julie custom created me a brand new one just for our meeting.

Sugar Skull – That is what these are called! The Day of the Dead inspired, Mexican themed skulls with roses that come in a rainbow of colors. Rodda truly embodies mixed media with pieces like these that cross cultures and decades. A feather to a skull barrette hits not only perfectly with the 1920’s fashions steaming rolling through, but also with a nod to that old and the new to fit every custom style. (Eeeee! Check this one out.)

Vintage – If anything, Blue Honey Jewelry can be described a vintage. Using as many vintage pieces as possible, like in her signature button bracelets which often have pin-up girl flare, Rodda modernizes the most classic of mediums and themes.


Vintage bracelet + Custom packaging. Julie had a gift to drop off for a custom order.


Soy Candles – The penultimate in chic and environmentally friendly. And ’tis the season. At this time, around fall + certainly right before Christmas, Rodda embarks upon the oft arduous task of creating delicious scented soy candles. Self-taught {she explained some of the process, and believe me it is complicated!}, Julie has sought out the premier vendors so she can obtain the same scents distributed by the likes of Yankee Candle and Bath + Body Works. I cannot wait for these soy creations to emerge. And when they do, you will probably know. But do not wait for me! Keep an eye out for yourselves!!


Julie gifted me soy candles!!! Also, just note how pretty everything is.


Where You Can Find Julie + Blue Honey

Etsy – Online

Chartreuse Studios – Rochester

First Friday – Citywide Gallery

Funky Flea Market – Dinosaur BBQ

Various other shops around Webster

Julie’s Ultimate Goal??

To have her work, her art, support her so that she can further support her local shops.

From Julie, I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned what it means to eat, breathe, + sleep #ShopLocal and to do it artfully. Julie loves what she does, and she makes it work in the most meaningful of ways. I want to do this. I want to be a #ShopLocalivore so that my art fuels me.

Thanks for the #ShopLocal love Julie!! Cannot wait to find your wares around Rochester.