{Above Photo: Shit gets awkward when seasons change. … Even my hair’s at an awkward length!}

Summer Into Fall / Summer – both photo sets taken before bed. In summer set, I’m also wearing eyeliner. …Eyeliner doesn’t make that big of a difference, guys. (Season transitions do!)




happy fall to all

Fall is, by far, my favorite season. (Least favorite – spring. Not sorry.) Especially in coastal upstate New York (by which I mean coastal-Lake-Ontario + coastal-Finger-Lakes) the beauty of fall awakens a new sort of energy. The cumfy, cozy, + crisp energy. For any bountiful number of reasons, fall is magnificent!

  • fresh apples
  • fruit roll-up colored leaves
  • sweet and sticky smelling breezes
  • inky twilights
  • pumpkin everything
  • gourds
  • orange twinkle lights
  • film {Hocus Pocus, Disney’s Halloween Treat, The Legend of Sleepy Hallow, I could go on …}
  • carmel popcorn
  • haunted houses
  • ghost stories
  • decorations
  • costume parties!
  • Halloween
  • trick-or-treat
  • candy corns

The real reason fall is my favorite?? …Those are the real reasons. But a close second is this little known fact-of-nature:

transitions between seasons are more awkward than adolescence

  1. Crazed hair
  2. Morphing skin tones
  3. Mixed-up wardrobe
  4. Befuddled accessories
  5. Tricky weather

I take at least 20 more minutes each morning, merely because my routine’s thrown into chaos. I wear winter-time pajamas at night because it drops to 40 and my heat’s turned off. I haven’t allocated a fall purse yet, and so I can’t settle things into pockets. There’s a 20 degree weather differential across 12 hours of shortening days and, quite frankly, I dress like a frump to compensate. In short, I’m happy fall has arrived. 

the case for magical thinking

Sure, okay – it’s still 45 degrees when I wake and 75 by the time I eat dinner … . But it’s the mental-frame-of-mind I’m stoked for. There’s just no question, anymore. It is fall. Fall is here. It’s like graduating high school and going to college. The awkward baggage just magically drops right … . Alright, this part isn’t fact-of-nature proof. But at least my frame of mind is.

Now. Who’s got some Shop Local tips + tricks + treats for me this fall??!




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