Save v. Spend. Lacquer. Varnish. Nail Polish.

Lacquer. Varnish. Nail Polish.
Varnish. Lacquer. Nail Polish.
Fraction of @nicolejaclyn ‘s collection.
My friend Nicole is a nail polish goddess. This babe has all of your higher-end drug store varnishes, like OPI & Essie, plus couture lines, like Butter London, and Indielines (!), like NinjaPolish, in a smattering of mattes & sparkles, in every hue of every single shade possible. Cue: I-am-overwhelmed-smile.
She taught me SO much. And, yes, there is much to learn about nail polish. Especially because you have to spend & spend wisely.
Know what products to buy. Which ones to try. Where to buy. And … which ones to rent??
Yes. You will end up shelling between $6.50 and $9 per pop on the “less” expensive, though equally as lavish, brands. Simply put, brands like OPI, in comparison to those associated with drug store make-up lines, have more lacquer. More lacquer means truer hue & lasting finish. Think about it this way. Spend on the most expensive hair product, and you might be $40 in the hole for a humidity-defying spray. Spend on a worth-it varnish, and $6.50-$9 is a manageable expenditure. An investment? Absolutely. Not only did you skip the salon but, let’s be honest, when was the last time you ever used 1 entire bottle of lacquer? (…Never.) Chances are, you buy a bottle, & you only buy it once.
Only bottle Nicole’s bought more than once.
And it was because the previous bottle dried-up.
So, what are you saving on? The manicure. Truly, $10-30 savings depending upon the salon & you have the polish for touch-ups & do-agains. Also, distributor. As much as I adore salons & secretly wish Icould live inside of one, Nicole highlyrecommends not buying in-salon or drug store. On average, both amount to between $2-3 extra. Beauty supply stores like Beauty Plus Salon, CosmoProf, or Ulta, and sometimes even larger grocery chains, like Wegmans, have the fairest prices. Shop around & shop wisely.
The true key to spending (wisely) on nail polish? Know What Products to Buy Basics:
Base Coat: CND(sticky coat) or Orly (bonder)
Varnish: OPI, Essie, or your favorite mid-priced designer brand (i.e. Zoya, China Glaze)
Top Coat:Seche Vite (fast drying)
You need a sticky/bonding base & a fast drying top. Need.
You don’t need this many. But that would be awes.
Possibly as awesome as this rug beneath Nicole’s varnishes.
Keep in mind, couture lines do exist. Niche brands like Butter London or brand icons like Chanel & Dior run for much more than $7-9. While these shades glide-on like velvet over chocolate, they are super expensive. However, with emerging rent-&-try trends like Lacquerous, nail-onistas might grab the best of both Save v. Spend worlds.
Nicole’s Mini Series. (She knows them by name.)
Minis are great way to delve into designer & color.
Inevitably, the miser in all of us rears its head & wants to know if it is at all possible to save. Yes. Of course. For super trendy colors or hues for trendy nail art, go inexpensive. Wet ‘n’ Wild & Rimmel, while more prone to chipping, have tailored brushes for even coating. And, hey, buy 2 while you’re at it.
Go Team!
Base, 2 – 3 Varnish, Top.
From Left: Barbara, Nicole. Shannon.

Fashionista’s Guide to Rochester: Victoire.

Belgian Beer Garden Anyone??
This is the first of the newest series wherein I review a local Roc hotspot
and make fashion recs for what to wear, to boot. 
V is for Victoire, the newest addition to Rochester’s burgeoning bar-meets-trendster scene. This Belgian addition to East Avenue nears downtown, in the seat of the Rochester Club Building, and sits directly across from the late-20’s/30-something crowd that populates Temple Bar & Salinger’s. If you’re barely famil. and all you can conjure mirrors plastic mugs, twenty-tweens, & festival gates, erase all images of the East End Fest from your mind.
Friday Full Moon.
Sept 28. Second Night Outside of Victoire Beer Garden.
Victoire, French for “Victory” and pronounced as such, is anything but East End & everything East Ave. With a wide array of commercial(Ommegang) and lesser-known (Duchesse De Bourgogne)Belgian drafts and bottles, including sweeter Lambic & Cider selections, along with a killing kitchen that serves a tasteful fusion of old v. new–like the must-order gourmet counter to its streetcar offering, Poutine, so common to our South Wedge
this bar is as much victory as it is versatility.



Lately, I probably haven’t been to the same bar in 3 months, let alone (ever) the same bar 3 times in 1 week. Victoire did it. Not only did I have a great time and even better drinks on all 3 occasions, but additionally, I enjoyed myself in 3 completely different settings each time I went.
Victoire Victories:
*Networking Event mid-week in the evening.
*Going Away Party/Belated Birthday during dinner crowd on Friday.
*Late-night nightcaps on Saturday.
Black Bird Cider.
Locally Made. Organically Grown.
Fav Cider at Victoire … So Far.

All completely different and all, equally as enjoyable. Why? How?Victoire’s juxtaposing versatility. Victoire is as much Belgian Beer Garden, as it is hip bar, as it is trendy restaurant. Drinks in the early evening on the garden patio beside sleek hearth where you watch from below, passer-bys who walk the streets above. Casually eating a chic palette served home-style modern on dark wooden tables of the open dining rooms, even while your friends enjoy just their beers. Or perched upon bar, seated tastefully and comfortably in front of clearly displayed Belgian drafts with names written vertically in chalk, to scan the crowd through its ebbs and flows. There is no bad seat, or bad beer, in the Garden that is Victoire. Like contrasts in flavors that add depth to both brew and menu, Victoire’s diversity manifests in the diverse crowds that it draws.


Saturday Late Night Victoire.
Bar is Bumpin’. Dining Areas Surround Bar. Beer Garden…Outside.
Hipster. Broster. Trendster. Oldster. Youngster. Midster. You-ster name it.Because of its various settings in its unique East Ave-Meets-Gibbs Street-Meets Downtown locale, Victoire draws in all crowds. The flat-screen TVs, smaller near the bar and larger beside the pool table, and its dinnertime offerings (kitchen closes at 11pm) circulate an interesting crowd that, like gourmet cheese melting onto hot fries, mixes nicely. In a Belgian Beer Garden with so many selections—menu, settings, crowd–it’s hard to stay away.
* * *

…And to know what to wear.
While, truly, you can’t go (horribly) wrong, I’d like to think that in 3 outings, I finally struck Victoire with my 3rd fitting. 
Victoire Outfits:
*Too Cas:
Cropped, Cuffed T with Zipper;
Sweatshirt Blazer; Dark, Skinny Jean; Saddle Shoe Flat.
*Too Hip:
Gray-V T; Leopard Print Pashy;
Leather Jacket; Gray Stretch Skinny; Black Bootie.
Flowy Shell; Tunic-V Cardi;
Brown Pashy; Leather Jacket; Black Jegging; Brown Riding Boot.

This, my friends, is a Jegging.
(Pay no attention to my dirtied mirror/bedroom.)
(Pay plenty attention to the Subculture Mag on my floor… .)
I can’t so much say why the 3rd outfit worked, as it includes some of my oldest pieces (and therefore those most prone to cliche), as I can explain why the first 2 didn’t. The first, despite being for a mid-week event, bordered on the way-too-cas. Namely because Victoire, while comfortable, always boasts sophistication.Switch out the sweatshirt blazer with a real blazer and/or add heels. Cas becomes Victoire chic in an instant.
The second, way too hip. Monotone gray combined with a striking ankle bootie resembled something ofKristen Stewart angst. When you try to look glam, full make-up & done hair, with a slinky, I just don’t care V-neck T, it probably means you do care, just a bit too much. This outfit is great, don’t get me wrong. But more for an upper-scale venue, such as Victoire, during a more-cas event, such as mid-week networking. …
Makings of the Victoire Outfit.
Indigo Tunic Cardi. Shell. Black Jegging. Brown Riding Boot.
The third, felt oh-so right. (Where have we heard this before…?) Similar to Victoire’s juxtaposing crowd and settings, this outfit shares just as enigmatic a quality. The dark brown riding boots, tre-beat-up & without a heel, at first seem too casual and even robust for Victoire, let alone late-night on a Saturday. But not so. Somehow the sleek black jegging (go with it) blended just well-enough with the coffee brown boot and brass buckles to emphasize its industrial, and therefore modern European qualities, while the illusion of a monotone, elongated and made sexy, a subtle leg. The tunic-comfort and luxe color of an indigo V-neck cardigan allows for that I don’t care how I look attitude to sneak through, along with the comfort that comes with, but is balanced by emphasizing hips, waist, and bust. The shell? Just an undergarment. Wear whatever matches & feels good. …Leather jacket & pashy combo:  always a must. (Especially for Fall… .)
* * *
Different Outfit. Same Idea.
Love Philosophy The Color of Grace
The Art of Blushing Palette.

Bonus: Make-Up Hint

When wearing lighter colors (close to the skin) in the winter, create a warm glow on your face. If porcelain-skinned like me, choose silver flecks in a rose blush. Rose warms. Silver looks natural. If olive skinned, go bronze.

grab  a

Looks. Fall Fashion Favorites 2012.

Fall Fashion Favorites 2012.
(Inspired by this post from Fashion Style Advice.)
Alright fashionistas. It’s all about texture. Leather. Wool. Silk. Chains. And it’s all about shape. Boxy. Skinny. Structured. Sleek. So heat up some cider. Snuggle into that blanky. Pretend like it’s raining (unless it is). Visualize a few multi-colored pumpkins: coral, white, gray, & navy. (Why not.) And let’s fall into some fashion.

Fall Fashion Favorites.
Fall into the Mix.

Saturday Night.
Outfit from Fall Fashion Favorites selections.


Casual & cute.
Stretch cottons. Slimming stripes. Co-ed chic.
Back: Long-Sleeved Cream. Wool with Side Zipper. Sweat Shirt.
Front: Favorite Gray V. Pouf Sleeve. Breton. All Three.


1. Shop at Big-Lots?? And find a gray V-neck T that keeps it shapes after multiple wears. (Febreze.) … That Gray T? A Momsly find from Big Lots. (I know!) It is my most favorite, most chic, most versatile piece in my entire wardrobe. To work with a black pant. Fav bar with a high waisted black skirt. Brunch with some blue skinnies. …You get it. 
2. I even wore the red sweatshirt-like (AE) long-sleeved shirt to work on casual Friday. It required a sophisticated cropped black pant (see below) & some pearl earrings. But this sucker I’ve had since senior year of high school, so. That’s staying, power. 
Rolled cuffs. Skinny silhouette. Denim, blue, & grays.
Clockwise Left: Denim skinny, ankle length with roll.
Gray LOFT stretch,  tight skinny cropped. Blue HM denim, relaxed skinny cropped with roll. All three.
1. Jeans too long? Roll them.
2. Don’t be afraid of a skinny jean that fits tightly to the skin. (Coming from a gal who has cankles… .) The less material at the ankle, the better. Creates a lean, slimming line. 
3. Pick something with a good amount of stretch, & walk-it-out.
Patterns. Luxe. Structure. Lace & Plaid. Sheer. Classic.
Dresses with waists, ruffles, cut-outs, & florals.
Sweaters that are over-sized but offer structure
Middle: Blazers with stretch, elbow pads, & sleeves that roll.
Bottom: Blouses with accents, surprising lines, & monochrome.
Shells to lay gracefully over your skin, that can stand alone.
1. Try something new. (Like a cut-out dress… .) 
2. Work with bold patterns, especially when they’re color-blocked by a neutral. You’ll be surprised how much of a staple, season after season, a piece like the gray-paisley Anthropologie dress becomes. Especially because it holds the classic shape of a sheath dress.
3. Find a quality blazer. Now. (Bend your arms a few times when trying on to make sure shoulders feel comfortable. If they do not. Put it back. Move on.) You will wear it almost everyday & probably out at night, as well.
4. Plaid. Do it. Lace. Wear it.
5. Sheer blouses. Go go go. Even if you don’t wear it to work (or yet), you will wear it out. Also, find a blouse with a varied neckline. Move away from the collar and the plain ole’ V. Get inspired by vintage lines & looks.
6. Invest in shells. Tanks. What have you. Not just season after season, but year after year, you will use these in your wardrobe in infinitesimal ways.
Cropped hem. Trousered denim.
Clockwise from Left:
Cropped black stretch pant.
Cropped, cuffed tweed pant. Denim trouser-style flare pant.
1. Try a cropped pant. Nothing’s sexier, & yet more demure, than a heel, an ankle peeking out, and a tweed that hits just above. (There’s a reason these ankle-things were banned from public viewings at one point.)
2. Buy the Banana Sloan in black. (Most amazing pair of pants that I own. Look good no matter how I’m feeling or if I’ve gained weight. They are magic. Black magic. I don’t care how much they cost. Buy!)

3. Slim silhouettes are in, yes. But if it’s denim, and it’s creased, think about a flare. Thank you ’40’s.

Is that a culot?
Clockwise from Left: Pleated, patterned skirt with belt.
Pleated, high waisted skirt with pockets. Black culot with high waist and pockets. All three.
1. Patterns, pleats, & bobs. This Target skirt has it all, even pockets. (Even better.) In this pic, you can’t see the old-fashioned key pattern. And that’s good. When you have so many cutesy, fashion things going on, make sure that at least one of them is subtle.
2. Go school-girl. But make sure it’s quality shape & quality material. Look adult. Not cheap.
3. Buy a culot if it is on sale. Then wear it & notice how it does not rise up in between your thighs whenever you walk. So pair it with tights, get your ankle boot on. You don’t look like your Kindergarten teacher from the early ’90’s. You look hot. And sophisticated. And surprisingly comfortable.
Out-do yourself.
Boots. Bags & Pashs. Jackets. Jewels & Bobs.
Clockwise from Left: Riding boots. Ankle boots. Buckles & boots.
Leather bags. Vintage bags. Pashminas in neutrals. Trench coat & leather piece.
Turquoise, corals, chains, grandpa’ watches, pearls, & roses.

1. Buckles on boots. Dark leather-like riding. If anything.
2. Vintage bags. Leather bags (investment). Pashminas will never ever go out of style. (Leopard counts as neutral!)
3. If you see a Kenneth Cole trench on-sale post-season, you will buy it even if you think it’s above your budget. Because it will be the biggest investment piece of your life. And then, you will save it for future generations to come so you can somehow, someday bequeath it to your daughter, & she can then blog about the genuine ’70’s leather jacket she now owns.
4. Go to church sales. Buy the old lady jewels. You look good.

Dark skinny. True jegging.
Clockwise from Left: Both jeans. Only 2 I wear out.
Express Zelda skinny. Aero black jegging. (So worth it.)

1. If you’ve never, try Express jeans. (Work pants, too, while you’re at it!) They last forever. That pair on the left has seen some rough times & all it has to show for it? Tiny pin-hole in the knee like it’s a badge of honor.
2. Jegging. This post about the Fun. concert will show many of the same pieces here, arranged into outfits, & it will also define the varying types of jegging, if you will.

Keep cozy.

Cozy doesn’t have a time of day.
Top: Box ‘o’ socks for use with ‘jamas, & also quite chic atop a skinny to pad the riding boot.
Bottom: L.L. Bean wool slippers. Lifetime guarantee. I could sleep in these puppies. (Haven’t.  …Yet.)

1. Must-have knee-high socks. Trend started last year. Not going away this year. Or probably next. But goes beyond fashion. Also incredibly functional. Add sass to your step, yes, & warmth to your toes. Also easy transition into the pajama. I don’t hate that.
2. Buy these slippers. Ask for them for your birthday. Even if it’s in July. Your feet and your soul will thank you.


Shop Local. Thrifting: Volunteers of America 14604.

Thrifting. Recycling. Shopping. Donating. Vintage-ing. Hipster-ing. And it’s always a great deal! What more do we need? And moreover … Why don’t we do this more? Despite my best efforts, even I could stand to check out more of our local thrift stores & sales, more. And after this shopping expedition, I will. (As well as take some cues from this thrifting beauty!) Lucky for me,

 this hidden gem’s on the way to work, home, the lake, Donuts Delite. You name it. For the rest, 12 surrounding Rochester, NY stores & even online shopping abound. With additional community services, child care services, residential services, and spiritual growth services, your donation–clothing, foot ware, furniture, home goods, money, or time–certainly goes noticed. Volunteers of America on Culver Rd, a bridge between Park Ave (current hood), the Beechwood Neighborhood (old hood: think Johnny’s Irish, James Brown Place, The Golden Fox, L&M Lanes), and East Irondequoit (old school & home to Donuts Delite, shout out #2) has superb service (…Elayne! See below), unique finds, & is just around the corner. No need to be jealous. Just check it, or the other 12 area stores, out. 

* * *
Clockwise from Left: Chambray Abercrombie. Linen Chartreuse.
Floral Surplus. Sherbert Shirts.
Classic Picks: Patterned & Sassy.
Colored Shorts!
Biggest. Trend. of the. Season.
#hipsterhip .
Shoes with great Soul.
Discounts & Discount Programs.
Elayne, most helpful sales person everrr, clued me in on even more.
(And suggested a killer shorts tip–elastic, low-rise–which could save me.)
Thank you Elayne at Culver Rd #VOA !
My Buys.
Mary Kay Compacts ONSALE.
Lefty purchased for Momsly’s Birthday
which is TODAY.
Floral & Cropped.
Wear it EVERY DAY.
Leather. $4.99. EEEEEEEEE!!!
Park Ave Fest, meet my newest best friend.
Volunteers of American on Culver Rd. 14604.
Great for gifts. Or yourself. Guilt free. Give back.
There are no limits to caring.
Or shopping.
Or giving.
Or looking great.
Or going local.


Review. Mary Kay with Erin (Turner) Pittinaro.

True Beauties.
Erin Turner Pittinaro with mother & consultant Connie Turner
(I know. They’re not sisters. Uncanny.)
.Mary Kay.
What: Beauty & Pampering Event
Where: 1255 University Avenue, 14607 
(new locale soon)
Who: Consultant Erin Turner Pittinaro
How: Beauty Stations 
(skin ware, skincare, satin hands, lips & cheeks, shadow, mascara)
Why: To learn, laugh, & looks.

* * *   


Was it fun?
Are the products good. Amazing?
Consultants friendly & genuine & professional & knowledgeable?
Would you recommend?
Are you buying Mary Kay products?
Do you want to buy products you already have in other brands?
Did you learn a ton?
Was it gimmicky?
Was it high-pressure sales?
Did you feel awkward?
* * * 
Make-up enthusiasts, skin care connoisseurs, beauty babes, I don’t care your age: Mary Kay is la creme.
Customer Profile.
Fun to fill-out … & even the pens are cute.
 * * * 

And attending an event, guest of Mrs. Erin Turner Pittinaro, herself? Gorgeous & grand. With centrally located offices directly across from Pomodoro’s on University, Mary Kay (MK) headquarters is simple to spot & friendly to find. Much like their premiere products & kind consultants. The make-up is luxe; skincare, sensual; & tips/technique, genius. If you’ve never tried but have always wanted or have always heard but never wanted–if you love an expensive look & a healthy wallet–this post and these products are for you. Yes. You.

Make me up. Make me me. MK products.
From Top Left Clockwise: 4 Lines of Lashes (mascaras); 3 Steps to Lash Perfection;
Luxe Brushes for Blush & Beyond; Color, Color, Color (lipsticks!)
Make-up. The station set-up of this event truly allowed guests (my Momsly & me along with several other women) the flexibility to try the full spectrum of product while receiving individually directed consultation. Imagine high-end department store make-up counter … but more personal, more product, & hands-on. Perhaps the most helpful portion of the evening’s event was just that: make-up application. While consultants at individual stations (skin ware, skincare, satin hands, shadow, lips & cheeks, mascara) guided, suggested, explained, & demonstrated, it was each guest’s responsibility to apply. In other words: free 1:1 make-up tutorial from professionals. Yes! I know. Step down from that dept. store stool (where, let’s be real, passers-by may or may not gawk). Go to one of these events. Hands-on learn. (See Tips below for just some suggestions.)
The consultants presented a plethora of diverse products, & it’s impossible to do justice to all. I will list each one we sampled, & discuss some favs. For the whole shabang? Guess you’ll have to contact Mrs. Pittinaro & find out!
* * * 
skin ware. 1. 2 Lines: Miracle Set (anti-aging) & Botanical (sensitive skin) 2. Miracle Set Line: cleanser, moisturizer, day solution, night solution 3. 3 Foundations: matte-wear, luminous-wear, tinted moisturizer. 4. Lip & Eye Care: satin lips set, age-fighting eye cream 5. Make-Up Remover: oil proof & doesn’t tug or smear
favorites. Momsly: day solution (even on her neck!) Me: day solution (it’s a winner, esp w SPF 35!); luminous-wear foundation (not heavy in the least, softest finish ever, love); make-up remover (best I’ve ever used. Like magic. Will be purchasing, possibly 4 life.)

Thank you Mrs. Erica Kane (née Czop), future sales director (& stunning beauty, new mom!, all-around athlete, make-you-feel-at-home, beauty professional). Her undivided attention while custom matching foundations from 2 different lines to 3 different guests’ skin while listening to stories (…Momsly & me get a bit carried away…) & answering questions… She does it all, & she does it right.

skincare. 1. 2 Sunscreens: one at 30 & one at 50 SPF 2. Lip Protection: protector with broad spectrum 15 SPF 3. Moisturizer: Age-fighting with broad spectrum SPF 30
favorites. Momsly & Me: Moisturizer with SPF 30. Always looking for a delicate lotion with double-duty, defense doting SPF. Found it!
MK Suncare.
From Left Clockwise: Lip Protector with SPF 15; Sunscreens
with SPFs 30 & 50; Rich & Creamy, Smooth & Light SPF 50
satin hands. 1. Fragrance Free Softener: like a jelly & super creamy 2. Peach Hand Scrub: (also available in Fragrance Free) gentle enough for hands but also works on feet 3. Peach Hand Cream: (also available in Fragrance Free) instant & lasting moisturizer
favorites. Me: Fragrance Free Softener. Super luxurious. Leaves hands supple & soft. Nourishes cuticles. Fun to glob on. FYI: I’m a lotion junkie and, since using the entire treatment around 7pm, I haven’t reapplied lotion once! (…It’s now 2:30AM…) Cue Oprah voice here.
shadow. 1. Eye primer: sets shadow, whether cream or mineral 2. 2 Shadow Lines: Cream & Mineral 3. Eyeliner: pencil (available in liquid) 4. Brushes: cream & mineral lines
favorites. Momsly: mixing mineral shadows, particularly the lime. (Suggested by Erin, & it looked stunning against my mom’s olive skin & brown eyes.) Me: cream in apricot twist & iced cocoa, 2 metallics I’d never try all my own, but what a refreshing twist on neutrals! (Again, suggested by Erin. This lady’s a pro.)
Extreme Close-up-ing.
I get it. Pay less attention to the (distorted)
contours & more to that LUMINOUS SKIN!

face: Miracle Set treatment, lip & eye care, luminous foundation
eyes: Primer, 2 cream shadows (no crease!!!), mineral
highlighter, brown (yes!) liner
lashes: 1 twirl of lengthening mascara (black) from the tube
cheeks: cream to powder blush (just a few dabs)
lips: bronzed (crazy, I know!) & copper star (like),
& beach bronze gloss


lips & cheeks. 1. Creme Lipstick: rich color 2. NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss: moisturizing 3. Blush: cream (available in mineral)
favorites. Momsly: lip gloss gal to the core. Doesn’t stick or adulterate lips or lipstick when layered together. Me: layering multiple sticks & dusting of gloss. Never gloppy, never sticky. Longevity. Even at mid-night, around the 3rd Dawson’s Creek episode (…roommate…) lips felt moisturized & color, true. If you love lips, you’ll love this. Trust.
mascara.  1. Lash & Brow Building Serum: fuller lashes & brows within 30 days 2. Primer: makes a dramatic difference 3. 4 Lines: last love, ultimate, lengthening, waterproof (black & brown)
favorites. Momsly: Feel in-love with Lash Love Brown. In less than 5 minutes.Me: Lengthening in black. One swipe of the wand & it covered all lashes, up & down, lengthening all the way. Interesting Fact: Wands for each line are the same. It’s the formula that’s different!
* * *  
Tutorial. These ladies know their stuff. They’re professionals in terms of running a self-employed business & consultants in terms of keeping on-trend with make-up hues & techniques. I’m the girl who spent one entire winter break between graduate school semesters to watch YouTube channels of make-up artists apply & contour, divide & conquer. I know a thing or 2. (Or like to think I do. Regardless.) These women know more. I learned a lot and will share what I know. But for the full effect, you just have to go! Real talk.
tips & technique.
shadow. Eyes with Erin: coloring, highlighter
tips. lime green with brown eyes. Brown eye liner with blue eyes for day & blue for night. (Color wheel thing.) I’m a black kohl fanatic, but I positively loved this brown & am super excited to try a blue. Which is absolutely on-trend, but also quite classic. Momsly popped in the lime. So much it becomes a neutral & an accent.
Favorite & Most Unlikely Favorite.
Left: MK make-up remover. Best. Ever. Tried. Bar. None.
Right: Lipstick in Bronzed. Use brush or Q-tip & apply as a stain!

technique. use ring finger to apply shadow, cream or mineral. It’s the weakest finger & therefore most gentle on the delicate eye!

lips & cheeks. Layering with Christina Mirklinger: lipstick, gloss
tips. try colors you wouldn’t normally! Chris listened to what both Momsly and I gravitate toward, and then switched it up. With the proper application, we both ended up with appropriately fabulous pouts. Sheer genius. 
technique. especially when experimenting, apply with lip brush. We used Q-tips &, in a pinch, these also work. Applicator allows for more even, less dense layer of color, almost like a stain. Less is more & layers come together. You’ll be surprised by how your look can change while still looking like you.
* * *  
Red Jacket Promotion.
Erin now has 5 ladies she leads & 3 active team members
Left to Right: Erin Pittinaro, new Red Jacket Member; Kate Hanson, Director
(& so professional, so warm); Eric (Czop) Kane, future sales director
The sell. First, there is no pressure. Momsly and I weren’t even asked to purchase any products! Yes, the evening does provide information on becoming a consultant should you be interested, as well as share with you the sales/goals celebrations accomplished by the consultants. But truly, to my discerning eye, this was more of a community-building ambiance than any hard-sell tactic. (Oh yeah, and it was fun & I learned a lot & I tried new products & there was free pizza…) In fact, during the very brief video portions at the evening’s end, I quite enjoyed learning about founder Mary Kay Ash. She seems fascinating! I’d love to research where she’s ranked among women entrepreneurs and CEOs along with how she’s influenced and empowered women in business. Likewise, Mary Kay supports causes such as domestic violence and cancer societies. Faith first, Family second, Career third: this is Mary Kay’s philosophy, & this is how Mary Kay has changed beauty & business. 
Mary Kay even has a blog. (Eeeeeee!) So visit their website, check out the articles, & schedule an appointment with your independent Beauty Consultant. …Don’t have one yet? Well Mrs. Erin Turner Pittnaro–fresh, young, helpful, & savvy–is ready to help.
* * * 

Starry Nites.
Down the street from Mary Kay.

You can’t see Momsly’s gorgeous eyes & lips,
but you sure can tell that skin is smooth & flawless!!!
Overall. I love this make-up! Look at the soft, luminous, simplicity of that face!? I’ve never felt that light & accomplished, demure & sexy with make-up before. Never. And it’s not because a professional applied it. No! It’s because a professional showed me what products to use & introduced me to new colors to try; the application: that was all me. How reassuring. How empowering. Who wouldn’t want to try this out!? The cutest part is that between how fresh-faced I looked & how sassy & sophisticated Momsly looked, the Consultants kept joking about how we’d have to go out for a glass of wine or some coffee after. (It was about 8pm when we ended.) Enter Starry Night’s Cafe. Kid you not. While Momsly perused the flow-chart chalk-board mini-menu (love), I dipped into the restroom. And ppl stared. In a good way. As though the luminous glow of my skin, like moon-light on my face, pulled their watery eyes toward mine. It was palpable. It was the MK.
* * * 
Contact Consultant Mrs. Erin (Turner) Pittinaro
(And she’s 8 mo pregnant. Looks phenomenal.)


Mary Kay.
And Let me Know

                                                                                                                                          How it Goes.