Shop Local. Wegmans: Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

…So avoid eye contact. Or try to avoid eye contact. Or want to avoid eye contact.


Organic Chicken Dumplings. Wegmans.
Pulled into the spot where a former co-worker backed out. Avoid eye contact.
Found $42-ish dolla on the ground. (‘Tween the bread & deli section. In case you dropped it. Or want to feign as such.) Turn it in to Customer Service, track the man whose money you think it is, abandon your grocery basket … scurry into the parking-lot to ask him, after he’s cashed out, not because you’re trying to hit on him (though if he were younger & my type…), but because you really want this person to find the $42. (See below.) …Avoid eye contact.
Cashed out in-front of the guy who’s been the It Boy for my Helga Pataki Syndrome since 1995, also known as the 5th grade. (Helga Pataki Syndrome?) …Avoid eye contact.

Tofu Sushi, Dumplings, & Sauce. Wegmans.

* * *

What I want to know is … who’s getting the $42??? 


Shop Local. Abundance CoOp.

.World’s Best Coffee.
(Quite Literally)
Abundance Cooperative Market.
62 Marshall Street.
Right off Monroe. Near the Bug Jar
What’s a CoOp? Who’s a shareholder? How do I become one?  
Truly, visit their website. This will answer all questions & more.

BPA free tuna can, Blue Diamond Gluten-Free snacks;
Locally owned & baked Flour City Bread.
What I can tell you about the CoOp is that it is a 1 way to be 100% sure of your foodhome goods, & beauty productsLocallyGloballyEnvironmentallyGuilt-free shopping. (Aside from the slight dent it could put in the wallet…)
You can compare the prices yourself.

.I love the CoOp because.
I love the CoOp because it exposes me to products I wouldn’t normally seek. Like Blue Diamond Natural Nut-Thins. I knew about these & knew I really liked these from my visit with Christine. Still, it’s unlikely I’d seek them out amidst competing snack options–I’m not gluten intolerant and so my motivation, other than that they are super healthy & yum, is still low–such as Keebler Club Crackers. The CoOp makes it easy.
And who knew about Zevia Soda!? Legittttttttttttt. …Member how I was saying no Cola with phenylalanine and less and less of a yes to those without? Now I can have it all. Haven’t yet tried this all natural diet version. But I am SO beyond stoked. And there are tons of flavors. Root Beer, Orange, Grape. You can’t not try.
Food & Drink.

Perhaps the main reason I always end up at The CoOp is for their fresh brewed, organic, FREE TRADE coffee. I die. I’ve drank coffee all around the world–Italy, Spain, France–and this is just as good. Kid you not. I love love love love love the darkest roasts, a brew I’d try no where else within The States (except perhaps Seattle…), b/c anywhere else I’ve had it, it’s bitter, biting, cracked, & chalked. But this stuff is the real deal. Whole & full & round & chocolate. How I don’t drink it daily, I do not know. It’s worth the stop in just for that.

And Abundance has a mini-cafe area. Bagels & soups at the coffee station, fresh & nutritious. They always feature locally baked goods. Flour City Bread is some of the best stuff ’round. Difficult to cut (especially with a dull knife), even to tear, but incredibly delicious, and satisfying, to chew.
Not the mini-cafe, which is just as relaxing as my porch.

Perhaps most of all, I love the CoOp for the potential I feel it instills within me. It reminds me that I have much to learn about local food, Slow Food, globalization, & community organization. The CoOp, if not on its own then in conjunction with numerous local organizations, provides opportunities to volunteer, craft, cook, participate, & organize. Especially for someone like me who needs guidance when it comes to trying new things–I‘m just not the delve-in and DIY (myself) gal. (Really, I don’t refer to myself as a gal in general, so.)the CoOp is a nurturing guide to nurturing more than just one’s tumtum.

My latest potential endeavor? 
To work there. Perhaps? At least volunteer, even if I’m not a shareholder.  
(That’s possible, no?) 

As I mature (try to…), I discover how essential it is to surround myself–not necessarily with like-minded people–but rather, with like-moraled people. That I can learn further how to respect my world & my community, how to contribute to both, & gain some residuals on the side (like a renewed interest in cooking … or a cute boyfriend??? … maybe?) is compelling
I urge, urge, urge all of you to look into your own Cooperative Market, or local source of food, whatever it may be.

Anyone can shop,
Anyone can join.
Abundance CoOp.

Tattoo Kamikaze. I Got Inked.


I don’t really know you that well, and you don’t know me. So I won’t get all details on ya’. But I’ve been through some life in my lifetime. Dirty, gritty, nasty, ugly,

wear you down life. It’s true.


.Referred to by Stevie Casaceli. He’s an okay cool guy.
(Has a sweetsweetsweet tattoo that sold me on this place.)
And so I write. Not just blog. But also write. Creative non-fiction. Memoir, I suppose. I hope to  someday publish. (Please read.)
In the meantime, you can enjoy this awes tat that I got at Tattoo Kamikaze. Newly moved to 98 Alexander St. The house next to Boulder. Go.




.Homemade cards.
(Love these)

Shawn Booth. He’s the guy who did this to me. Pretty pretty. Don’t think I’ll mind having it on me 4 Life. If interested in one of your own, check this guy outttt.


.Tattoo Artist Shawn Booth.
.To Life. Love. Laughs. Local. & Looks.
.But mostly to Life.


Shop Local. I Bought a Fannie Pack.

.Gold Chain.
.Hip Satchel.

 Why buy retail when you can buy recycled?

.Quilted Black.
.Amanda Smith.
(Vera Bradley black quilted, elbow bag not shown: $15.)

Seriously. No one wants to wear what everyone else already has or furnish his or her personal space with good-looking pieces that leave an insipid taste. As noted here: 

.Gift for a Good Friend.
.Shhh Don’t Tell.

And as a rule of thumb, I rarely–rarely–buy jewelry (costume jewelry b/c let’s be honest, I’m not buying the good stuff) if not thrifted or from a boutique.  . . . .   Why???

More character
Less likely to be seen on the girl ‘cross the room.  
.I bought a Fannie.
.Genuine Leather

 Looks just as great. 

Sometimes better
‘Specially if vintage is your thing.  
Oh yeah. 
way less expensive
supports local economies,  
saves the environment
and always comes with a story
.From Israel.

And as I’m discovering, rummage sales–tis the season for rummage sales–are the most affordable and unique way to find these babies:

Jewels with character, knacks with charm, and bags with class.
.Signed Fannie.
.Emily Ann of Boca Raton.

Unlike garage sales, which are sometimes more hit-or-miss, rummage sales always provide a smattering of a spread sprinkled with trinkets, gems, & just-gotta’-haves. Garage sales? Sure, but just 1 garage sale is less likely to have the eclectic variety characteristic of a rummage sale, which displays goods from a pool of people and not just 1 or 2 families.

.Silver Plated Salad Tools.
.Fancy Cheese Slicer.

Don’t get me wrong: garage sales are awes! Please, pull over when you see one. But rummage sales are more likely to have higher quality and diversity of tastes. Need more convincing? Click here.

.Peacock Bowl.

My Momsly, she is no stranger to them either. Today, she swept me away to Temple B’rith Kodesh where the annual rummage sale is run by the Women of Reform Judaism B’rith Kodesh Sisterhood. She’s been going for … longer than it’ll take me to remember that name. This sale is great because, while all the main stays are represented–jewelry, bags, home goods–and in tip-top quality, it is smaller–2 rooms–and therefore more easily navigable than other sales. Perfect for a mid-afternoon or lunchtime stop. Which is just what we did. Thanks Momsly!!!!

Happy Rummaging.

Shop Local. Blessed Buys from Blessed Sacrament Next-to-New Sale.

.Look What I Bought.
Not even so much bought, as dug out a few pennies (checkbook … they accept checks!) and practically walked (drove) away.
Today, Saturday May, 5, is the last day of the sale. Ends at noon. Everything you

can stuff in a bag for $5. Will be mobbed. If not today, mark this Sale on your calendars for next year! Blessed Sacrament Next-to-New Sale. On Monroe between Oxford & Rutgers. Go.
* * * 
Considering all of the goodies I didn’t get, that I posted about yesterday, today’s list of finds & buys is going to feel … just as expansive. I’m proud to report, that with all I purchased–spanning furniture to home goods to fashion items–I only spent $54. (Okay: Momsly bought the lamp, lamp shade, plant, planter, and plant stand.) Nonetheless, $54 total. Let’s take a look.
* * * 

.Blessed Purchases.

End Table. $20. 
.Table at Blessed Sacrament Next-to-New Sale.
Best find, perhaps of my life. Carved, wooden end table with glass slats & a ton of storage. At $20, you’re crazy not to buy. Most definitely can’t even find particle wood end tables, new, for $20. New! This gem fits perfectly into the corner of my roommate’s and my living room where, since we’re staying-on for another year, have decided to redecorate. (Look-out for that post! Coming your way.) I love love love this table, & not just for its elegance and sturdiness, but also for its storage. Those doors fully open so one can stow any number of board games, magazines, even blankets. Plus, the hollowed-out interior makes it super light. Adult. I feel very adult. Well-done. #patontheback
Lamp.  $7 (including shade). 
.Brass Lamp.
Also Pictured (L-R): Orange-Red Glass Jar. Necklaces.
Would have been near-impossible to buy such a beautiful table and go home empty-lampless. This brass baby, though not the most contemporary, definitely fits in with the old-fashioned feel of our home: high ceilings, molding, brass and glass light fixtures. When you live in a house that was around during the days when Vick Park A & B were actually race tracks … for horses–when your garage is converted from a carriage house!–you can get away with the old-fashioned-thing. At $7–$6 for the lamp & $1 for the shade–worth a light. 
Plant Stand. $7 (I think). Home furnishings or furniture? 
Either way, this stand (see below) that Momsly sighted is perfect. Our corner dining window table floods the dining room with heaps of vitamin D. That plants haven’t migrated & taken root of their own accord, is hard to believe. As Laur & I redecorate, I’m thinking that plants, particularly herbs, or rather, particularly low-key, are my calling. Oregano, so fragrant & easy to cook with, is a great starter. Let the green begin.
.Fresh Oregano to Dress
Lemon-Butter Chick & Mushrooms.
Home goods. 
Oregano. $2.50. Try & beat that price at your local green house, or even public market! 
Once per week. Momsly, whose thumbs are various shades of green–chartreuse even!–said Oregano just needs a good smattering once per week. Good thing she said so. Else I would have drowned it with every last sip of water I failed to imbibe before walking out the door. Naturally, I’m so excited about my first herb & that it’s still alive, that … I’ve already cooked with it! And BarbaraEllen cooking (though delic!) doesn’t come by too regularly. …Enjoy.
.Oregano. .Planter. Plant Stand.
Planter. $3.  
Sturdy and cute. Momsly found 2 of these, the other with tan trim, & kept the second for herself. Being the ever-doting & generous Momslin that she is, she bought this one for me & even let me choose the color. Love that blue strip. Reminds me a bit of Fiesta Ware. (Though absolutely, it is not.) For my first potter, this is a great fit. I think the Oregano likes it, too.
Glass Jars. $.50 each.
.Kodak Classic.
(See Above, “End Table,” for orange-red lid.)
Can you believe it? Practically Mason Jars, and we all know how trendy those are this season. For the next few seasons, I surmise. (Who knew the clothing of jam would be so in demand.) Can’t decide which I favor. Jar with the orange-red lid, pictured on the end table above, has unquestionable character. Fill that with candy or marbles, paper clips or rocks. Anything will do. It’s a great storage and display piece. In love. However the clear one, pictured opposite the authentic Kodak Polaroid, also has some charm. Look closely. … That’s right. Kodak! It’s a Kodak glass jar. Fits snugly with the Rochester scene and reminds me of my roots. (When both parents moved from Hornell to Rochester, both parents worked at Kodak. And for many years to follow. The onomatopoetic namesake is practically my blood.) Looks like I’m starting my own vintage Kodak collection. And to commemorate the once glorious Rochester institution is fine by me!
Juice Jug. $2. 
.Sun Tea with Lemon.
I love these guys. How adorable. ‘Specially with the summer months ahead, and all of the direct light coming in through the windows and bathing the porch: sun tea is a must. Lemons add an extra zest & zang & some color, too. Perfect for a picnic or a romp on the beach (love the shores of Lake Ontario) this polka dotted jug is going to be my new companion. I can tell that we are going to be friends.
Water Bottle. $1.
Think I found it. Think I might have found my perfect water bottle. See, I drink water 16 hours/day. The other 8? I sleep. Water is my lifeline. My second oxygen. I need. Therefore I also need a handy, safe, convenient water bottle. And have I tried many. Nalgene’s sitting right in the cupboard. Then there’s the New Balance variety–steel, insulated, chic–and the Wegmans cheapie. Dislike all! Hopefully this is my ticket. And at $1?!!!???? Yes please & thank you.
Padded Pastel Hangers. FREE.
By far my faaaaaavorite find. I love padded hangers. Pastel no less! For sweaters and delicate blouses, these are the bees knees. And there they were, a full set of candy-colored, shiny, lovies, waiting to be picked out of a box that said, free. Free me. Love me. I am my little M&Ms. I am.
.Cute Practical Free.
Fashion Items.
Bag. $3.  
.Studded Faux Leather.
Studded. Faux camel-colored leather. Pockets. How could you not? Only thing: straps aren’t long enough for cross-body (I’m cross-body obsessed. Almost dependent. … No. I am. I am cross-body dependent) and I have a ton of this type of bag! As though I need another. But it was only $3. I got carried away. I admit.
.Gray Mules.
Shoes. $3.
I get it. They’re old. But they fit. They’re in good shape. They’re cute as heck. And I need a gray shoe. Until yesterday, owned none! (Gasp. I know.) Plus, feel that I can absolutely get away with calling them vintage. They are vintage sling-back peep-toes, & now they are mine. Muahahaha. Muah.
Jewels. $7 total. Will ya’ look at that? Just look at it. (Seriously, click that link. Even if you’ve seen it. You’ll thank me.)  
.Faux Pearls & Metallic Blue.
.Full Length.
This is why I try as hard as I possibly can to not buy trinkets & bobs retail or, at all, in chain stores. Okay, Forever 21 & Francesca’s: guilty. (Prices so low. Jewels, so unique.) Archimage: absolutely. Aside from thrifted and fair trade shops, such as One World Goods in Pittsford Plaza, independently owned boutiques are the places to buy jewels. This is exactly why. Quality & Character at Fair Prices. Plus, you’re recycling. Or, if purchasing through fair trade gifts, supporting the local economies of developing nations by empowering the local work force and economies which, frequently, directly empowers women and their families. I cannot say enough about all of the jewels & bobs I’ve purchased from church sales, thrift shops, fair trade venues, local boutiques … or those I’ve been given from my Aunt Kathy & Uncle Paul who are professional antique dealers. (Pretty cool. I know.)
  * * *

See ya at the Blessed Sacrament
Sale Next Year!