How To. Neons + Nautical: Modern Twist on a Summer Classic.




Barbara Ellen has been on Spring/Summer Break + getting the makeover of her lifetime. Now she’s back! Tightened + toned {the blog, not the lady…}, and she’s ready to get down with some summer stylin’. While “away,” Barbara Ellen {me} has learned a lot. One of my newest, most favorite blogs that I’ve found is irockpolkadots by this Rochester Blogger, Babe, + Beauty. One of Steph’s recent posts {July 18} focuses on Nautical Themed Events. Beaches. BBQs. Bars. Basically, summer is one big, nautical party. You have to check this out.


Red. White. Blue. Navy. {Or even black!}: just like Steph suggests. These primary colors anchor every nautical wardrobe. For summertime, I also love to add a neon counterpart. Classic to Modern. Demure to Sexy. It’s juxtaposition at its fashion-ahoy-t. Here is my guide:


Classic Nautical                                          Modern Nautical

-Red                                                               -Neon Orange, Hot Pink, Coral

-White                                                            -Neon Yellow

-Blue                                                              -Turquoise


Be it stripes, stars, polka dots, or an accent piece of jewelry, neon (& bright stone-toned) accents are a spicy way to summer-ize your nautical.














My Favs                                                                               Modern Nautical

-Chevron Necklace (The Knotty Owl #SL)                            -Neon Orange

-Chain Bracelet (Claire Flair #SL)                                         -Neon Green 

-Flower Studs (Thanks @nicolejaclyn!!)                                -Chartreuse

-Striped Neons Bikini (Victoria’s Secret)                              -Neons

-Nautical Muscle Tank (Marge’s #SL)                                  -Neon Yellow (also neon pink!)

-Striped Tennis Tank (Target)                                               -Neon Yellow

-Striped Oversize A Tee (HM)                                               -Neon Orange

Any neon twist on a classic nautical piece is sexy + summery. Clutches. Phone Cases. Nail Polishes. Bracelets. Boat Shoes. … Enjoy your nautical + enjoy the rest of your summer!!


Ahoy Maties.



    • Barbara Wilcox Author

      Thank you girl!!! It’s the best, this new space. …Oh + how did Steph and I meet?? Just through #RocBloggersNetwork + #AList, that’s all! XO.

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