How To. Wrap a Gift: Last Minute. Hipster. Environmentally Friendly. Festively.

You can thank my Momsly for this. Woman knows how to save a bag. And its packaging. Ribbons? Yup. That really thick nice wrapping paper she made you remove from the present ever so delicately as to preserve it for the does-not-yet-exist-present? Uh huh. She taught me all of this. And now I’m going to share it with you. 

Truly, a very Merry Christmas.
(Fired made by Momsly.)

I store my bags smack-dab against the wall in my bedroom. Snug between 2 dilapidated cubbies, which made it through college, and my pop-together bookshelf that I’ve had since jr high (noting a theme?): I save anything–anything–I know I can use with a gift. Here are some of the most useful bobs & ends to keep around:

Left: Huge bags o bags, boxes, ribbons,
tissue papers, wrapping paper, & things. Top: The Red Series.
Bottom: The Metallic-as.

1. Vibrant Tissue Paper:  Always a must-keep. It’s super easy to store & incredibly versatile for all occasions. I’ve found that shades of red & pink (think Holiday Season, Valentine’s Day, 4th Of July) & metallics (trendy neutrals) have the biggest re-use factor.

2. Ribbons & Baggies: All things tiny & sweet. I literally saved the twine-like ties off of (the most delicious) Trader Joe’s cookies, because I knew their their homemade feel would make them a sweet addition a top any gift, be in for Christmas or just because.
Some giftwrap items I do buy.
Such as the candy-striped paper you see here & the
twine from Archimage that you see above. A necessity!
Also, if ever you’re shopping & you buy a pair of earrings for yourself, I’m not telling you to ask the sale’s person for a gift bag. But I am saying that if the sale’s person asks you if they are a gift, then you should probably bite-your-tongue & nod-your-head. You might end up with some adorable purple or pink baggies for items ranging from earrings to sample size make-up.
3. Boxes: Perhaps the most coveted all of re-giftwrap items. The perfect-fit box lends itself squarely for the perfectly wrapped gift. Not featured here, I have saved all of the Birchbox boxes in which my speciality make-up, toiletry, & luxury good items have shipped. In fact, if you’re a Birchbox-er yourself, or just need a project for the various BB-like boxes that you have laying around, please check the website and blog. You can find cool crafts, like making a neat make-up organizer. (I know.)
All gifts (- 2) are from Local Rochester Vendors!
See follow-up Post for Details. For now:
Craft Co No 6., Sara Silvio c/o Peppermint,
ArchimageAbundance Co-Operative Market,
Peter Lazarski Comics
Other great boxes to opt for? Anything pretty & designed. In the top-right corner of the 2nd photo, you can see a floral patterned box. My Aunt Katy this to me with 2 very delicious & very pretty smelling pink candles. A floral, romantic looking box?? That could be Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You, Congratulations, Christmas. Clearly, I had to keep it. Who can throw away that gem anyhow?
Final Tips
When wrapping for dudes, keep it simple. And always keep a Sharpie (or 10) around. They do some miracles with the lettering.
Merry Christmas






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