Local. Jonesin for Summer.

When you’re sick, the weather’s a tease, and Coachella‘s happening as we speak/read/type/breathe …  you start jonesin’, hard, for summer.
sweaty dancing, 
beach drinking,
 bbq beerin’,
 festival dressing,

sidewalk ponging, 
porch singing, 
dress dancing,
 hair braiding, 
bikini beaching,
 art walking, 
day drinking 
For festivals & sweet spots alike, follow my un-Official guide…
Highland Park Lilacs!
Lilac Festival
May 11-May 20, 2012

Thankfully (right adverb?), I’m sick during Spring and can only anticipate (instead of miss-out on) all of Rochester’s summer funnin’. I think most Rochesterians can agree that the unofficial kick-off begins with Rochester’s famous Lilac Festival. Beginning May 11 and ending May 20, this festival has 3 good weeks on Memorial Day Weekend. Great chance to transition from rainy-spring to (rainy) summer clothing & even try some festival braids.
Tulip Garden.
Braids (French, fish, Heidi, Little House on the Prairie … you get the idea) are killing this year. 
Lucky lucky lucky for me: frizz ♥s braids and likewise.
East End Music Festivals
June 1, July 13, August 10, 2012
June 1, July 13, August 10. Whether Memorial Day tapers-off and summer’s just a glimpse on the horizon or summer’s almost spent and she’s bowing her head, this baby spins in circles, ’round & ’round & ’round, until it topples into a pile of sweaty, stale hangover. East End Fest might kick your butt, but it also keeps the celebraish kickin’. I don’t care how old you are (as long as it’s 21+), this is the place to be at least 1 Friday of each summer every month. … Oh yeah, and there’s live music. Like 5 stages worth.  Kick it.
Party in the Park 
Every Thursday, June-August, 2012 
Thirsty-Thursdays more your speed??? Rochester’s too. Concert series (singular & plural?) like Party-in-the-Park, which is nestled in Downtown Rochester, begin every Thursday from around June to August. If you can’t wait for the weekend, or feel nostalgic for your college days … check out the Riverside Festival Site. Pretty close to everyone.
Rochester International Jazz Fest 
June 22-30, 2012
More sophisticated tastes. Love music. Still want to party. This is THE line-up. The 11th Edition Rochester International Jazz Fest, sponsored by Xerox, features musical greats the likes of Darryl Hall, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, & Bonnie Raitt. Not to mention numerous local names. Pretty freakin’ slick. Music. Jam-band. Rock. Jazz. Music. … If not already sold-out, buy tix here. (Or at the door–er–gates. That’s where I’ll be.)
 10 Ugly Men Festival 
July 21, 2012 

ihadagoodnight.com Guy
took this Pic. Find him at all the festivals.
  In my small city/town mind–in my East Coast mind–this is the closest I will ever get to Coachella. Ugh, the comparison, itself, is ludicrous. (Who’s probably playing at Coachella as we speak.) 10 Ugly. Is there any way to describe the 10 Ugly Men Festival? Well, first & foremost, it is a fundraiser. Read all about Ten Ugly Men Charities & the Bright Eyes Fund, which contributes to pediatric brain tumor treatment at Golisano’s Children’s and other hospitals/centers, by clicking the link above. No one needs an excuse to drink or to listen to live music or to eat grilled food and day-camp at Genesee Valley Park in a bathing-suit while playing can jam or kick ball or volley ball … or, I dunno’, while slip ‘n’ sliding. But if you do. Support the Bright Eyes Fund. Trust me, 10 Ugly will not disappoint. If it does, you can always leave on 1 of the free shuttles that will take you right back to Park or University. Done.

Park Ave Fest.
August 4-5, 2012 
Vick Park A. It was awes.
Above all else, this is my jam. Ironically, it involves no official music. Emphasis on official. Unofficially, this is the artiest, pong-iest, jamming-est festival of the summer. Imagine: 
1. Park Ave. (Or any windy, artfully, centrally located avenue in the heart of bars/restaurants/cafes/life.) close it off, & line it with rows of arts, crafts, & food vendors.
2. Take all Park Ave residents–streets directly off (such as mine) and tributaries (such as Harvard)–put speakers in the windows, pong tables on the porches, lawn games on the … lawns, and a red cup in every person’s hand. This is Park Ave. From 10am Friday until 5pm Sunday. Park Ave.
For all of those In Between’s
April-August, 2012
  When summer’s not in full-swing, you still celebrate. Here’s a just a few of my fav spots:
1. Starry Nights Cafe: Great for outdoor wine sipping or any cafe creation you could crave. Live music, outdoors. Murals of Van Gogh’s art. See ya at the corner of University.

2. Chocolate & Vines: Porch wine/chocolate/cheese sampling. …Yes.
3. Marge’s Lakeside Inn: Jimmy Buffet Central. Drink on the sand, listen to the waves crash into the land, and stare at the stars with your friends. Just try it. Go.

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