Looks. Laughs. Local. Friday ‘Fessionals. Dress I Wore Backwards.

Know when you see it on the rack & it’s love. You suddenly become someone who can afford things, slightly crazed; you rage it off the rack, & then try it on … backward? … Love is blind, no. So when you’re that taken by something that enthralling, & the zipper’s facing the way that you deem to be the forward-facing part of the rack …
Mustache Face.
I like to think this is especially confusing for men,
who want to be attracted by it. But then get distracted by the undeniable Mario piece.
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is what happens
Devon’s 26th Birthday at Mex.
(She’s the hottie front & center with the killer smile & killer somethings else that can’t be seen.)
Left to Right: Anjolee, Matt, Me, Devon, Sean, Heather, Nicole, Shannon.

You completely overlook the incredibly obvious flaw in the logic you developed and the perspective you established. Because you just love it
that much. 

(Notice forward-facing-zipper close to clasped hands.)

* * *
So here’s my confession people. (Let me build up to it… .) Yes. I thought the dress was a true frontward-facing-zipper dress. All adorbs & hipster like. And yet … now that I scour ModCloth, not only can I not find 1 frontward-facing-zipper dress (is that even a fashion term) but, I find my “frontward-facing-zipper” dressfacing the right way. And it doesn’t even showcase the zipper. So yes. I admit it. I was blinded by the light of the zipper reflecting off of its exposed brass-like metal. And I was comically wrong.
But that’s not the confession.
The confession, my Babsiells (can I call you that … think I did it once before) is that, whilst preparing myself for an evening of laughter & bubbles, I saw the tag. The tag! The tell-tale sign that you got it facing the wrong way, baby. And you know what. You know what!? I ignored it. That’s right! I. Ignored. It. Because it felt right. Wearing the dress backward, just … felt … right. So I confess. There you have it. I wore a backward-facing-dress on purpose. Glad we had this talk.
* * *
Archimage sells the same
j’adorable dresses as ModCloth.
But Locally.
Vote & Shop.

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