This is going to be quiiiiiick, but I’m sure I’ll have more to say throughout the weekend.

Today, I want to dedicate my post to Sara Daly. She’s one of my besssssstesties who recently moved to Baltimore to explore, live, work, & play. She took quite a risk (landed an UH-mazing job!), and I’m super happy for her. Lucky me, this beauty is home this weekend. Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Corey & Sara.  (Neither really know I’m posting about them, so I fig it’s safest to go with the guest-of-honor’s Facebook pic…)

(Srsssly need to fig out another way to take non-mirror pics.)

Really, only good thing for moi about Sara moving … baby-girl threw-out half her closet. (That’s a LOT of clothes. Perhaps I shall catalog one of these days…) If any of you know Ms. Daly like I, you know this girls’ got some style & some class. While dressing for cas Friday this morning, I slowly realized that my upper half donned many of those duds that were displaced from Sar’s closet. …Take a look. (Now, knowing Sarbear’s personal style, don’t think she’d ever pair these 3 together. But it sure is fun wearing her clothes! Also … don’t think she really meant for me to end up with these earrings. Mix-up has to do w NYE, and it is a loooooong story. But I have a feeling these are going to end up in the backseat back to B-more. Had to get ’em in one last time!)

Watch for more posts about this weekend & FUN. times w Sar. (Great band. Sar introduced us. Well, not totes true. But for the most part.)

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