The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
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Rochester is, in fact, a hot spot for film. (GeorgeEastman. Eastman Theatre. Rochester International Film Fest. High Falls FilmFest. The Little Theater. The Cinema Theatre. ImageOUT: The Rochester LGBT Film& Video Festival.) And now for Spider-Man film. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, to be spidey-cific. Filming for some of the hot chase scenes takes place today, and so Momsly & I used our Spidey Senses on Monday to scout the talent.

Ever Get Dressed Up & Walk Down Main Street, in Rochester, NY, During Rush-Hour??
Liberty Pole.
And daffodils.
It started with a strategic stroll down Main Street, from East Ave to South. Swarms of city slickers, workers, and students flood the brick-paved sidewalks. Flowing red swing jacket, wafting gray & charcoal cape-coat. Sunglasses. Momsly and I strolled. We looked for glamour &, absolutely, we looked the part. It is no wonder Moms & I were mistaken for tourists–i.e. who tried really hard–when we stalked our first downtown hotel.
Bear Hugs from Indiana. 
Babsy, she nudged. I turned toward the bar. I bet they’re with the film. Momsly spied a weary looking four-some of normal-looking people who sat inconspicuously near the Hyatt Regency bar.  No they’re not, mom.
Momsly heard that the actors (and by actors, I mean stunt-doubles) and film crew were bunking at the Hyatt on Main. We had no shame in seeking them out. As soon as we walked in, Moms directed us up the stairwell & toward the main bar. When I suddenly became incredibly self-conscious of our amateur paparazzi skills, I diverted all action toward the gift shop. And let me tell you, you don’t know Rochester, NY until you’ve been in the Rochester Hyatt Regency Hotel Niva Gift Shop.
Actually found in the Rochester, NY
Gift Shop at the Hyatt.
Upon check-out, Momsly & I received the thrill of our lives. As we were shoppers in a hotel gift shop, the cashier—appropriately—asked if we were from Rochester, NY. Amused, Momsly & I quickly claimed our Rochester residency. And then moved onto business. Sharply, Momsly invoked her spy-senses and probed into the whereabouts of our Spidey stars.
Has there been a lot of increased traffic? Well what about the out-of-towners? You know, {nudge nudge}  for the event. The event?! Why the film. Spider-man. Have you seen many actors for the film??! She finally exclaimed.
The cashier, a young and smiling woman, laughed. Promptly, she informed us how the stunt people & crew are booked at the Radisson, next door. Sullen-faced & disappointed, Momsly and I turned to leave. Obviously, to book-it directly to the Riverside Convention Center. And that’s when it happened. Our sweet 15 seconds.
Wait a second. The cashier looked directly our way. She scanned our swing jackets, and oogled the cardi-cape; analyzed the shit-eating grins slapped across our faces. You two are extras. You are in the movie! I knew it!! I knew you’re not from Rochester. The cashier’s mouth hung ajar.
Us? My mother’s hand moved demurely over her chest. Our eyeballs agape. Us?? Why, certainly we are not. {Pause.} In the film, that is. And coyly, as if nothing ever happened save for the giggles that erupted from our bowels, Momsly & I turned on our heels. Practically movie stars.
Emma & Me
and Revlon and CVS.
Radisson Riverside Convention Center & The Freak-Out.
Now our senses were honed. Pruned for spider-lebrity. We knew where to go, and we knew that we (maybe) belonged. Watch-out Emma Stone. After our first attempts to enter through the Radisson’s rotating front doors were thwarted–they’re locked, permanently–a lovely bell hop let us in.
Mom. We are stalking people. We don’t even have a room here. She and I aimlessly wound around the first floor only to find barricades at every door, which required room keys. I don’t want to go to the bar! They’ll know. They’ll know that we’re fakes. My voice dropped to a whisper, and then suddenly rose. What if the police find out?!
Hotels are public spaces, Momsly authoritatively declared. But I’m pretty sure they’re not. Homeless people can’t just loiter in the hallways of hotels. What’s the difference between the homeless & the strategically stalking? I’m not sure the difference is huge. And I made my concerns known.So, we used the ATM. It was a good cover.
This cameraman is clearly from …
YNN News Station.
And even though we never spied even one Spider-Man celeb, or crew member, or stunt person, we did see trucks. Rows and rows of NYS and NJ licensed plates trucks & SUVS, black and white, that lined the Radisson’s main atrium. Men with rough voices and glimmers of accents  who uttered terse instructions. These are film crews. We sensed it! And then, on the stroll back down Main, I saw him. Him. A photographer. A very official and professional looking photographer. Who Momsly claims snapped a pic of us as we slyly shuffled away after sniping one of him, first.
Take-that Spider-Man film man. We found you. We are vicariously famous through you. Spide-cess!!
Reveling in the Spidey-Scent.
Rest of the night? Coffee at Spot on East & CVS shopping on Winton. Pretty glam. We had some good coupons and saved $6.50. Then I earned $5 in bonus cash. It was pretty much the most spidey-tacular night, ever. Love you Moms-spidey!
Barbara Threet make-up line.
Also at the Hyatt Regency.
Here’s to

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