Review of Plato’s Closet. Hoodwinked.

.I got hoodwinked. 

Wink almost makes it sound cute; hood, tough. But it’s not! It’s damaging to the ego & will have you stewing in the parking lot for at least 30 minutes, while you blow-up rant-Tweet, and eventually call your mother on the verge of tears so that she can tell you everyone makes mistakes and, no, you’re not supposed to learn all of your lessons on negotiating just by watching the poor people who get duped on Pawn Stars.  

Phew. Good to know.

You see, I went to Plato’s Closet.

The one in South Town Plaza (near RIT). It has so many delectable bits of T-shirt & tank top & any other fashion item, articulately arranged in an array of colors. I mean rainbows are jealous. Kay guys. If you’re scene is Hollister Eagle meets Wet 21, you’re in good hands. Truly. Quality clothes. Reuse, recycle. And they buy books. Books! But I got hoodwinked.

* * *


1. Great Expectations. Sooooo impressed by my spread of clothing (we’re talking Banana, Limited, J.Crew, Gap, H&M), that I took pictures ahead of time to commemorate the beauties I knew I would sell.

.Jungle Dress.

…Yah, that dress & those shoes are still mine. 

.Nude Platform.
(Steve Madden c/o Marshall)
 (How could they not want to buy these???)
.Vary Vera.
(If you’re going to do it, do it here.)

2. Deer in Headlights. Since I high-balled my earnings at $100 MIN (an acquaintance sold $85 worth the other day, so it does happen!), I struggled to process what the sales associate said when $28.10 fell from her lips. For 7 items. $28.10? Hm. Well that doesn’t sound like $100. Does she mean $208.10? Oh? No. $28.10? Actually 28 dollars & then 10 cents? Oh. Coulda’ knocked me over with that Vera Bradley I’d just sold them for what evens-out to be $4. Yes. $4. I repeat: $4. 

* * *


1. Just made someone employee of the month. Kudos to me.

2. Learn my lesson. Now, when I go to sell something of actual worth like, say, jewelry or a car, I shall critique my situation. May I see what I’ve sold? (Yah. Never asked.) May I ask how this has been priced? (Important to know.) In order to eke out such questions, one must first avoid the stun-gun too frequently fired when monetary figures unload.

…Stun-gun Kevlar?…
Confidence. Don’t be nervous (like me) to take your time & understand. 

Know your audience. I popped in after work clad, fashionably, in new shoes (Maxstudio c/o Marshalls), cropped tweed pant (Loft), trench (Target), cotton sky blue scarf (Old Navy), & flowered headband (Loft). Put together. And that’s the problem. Didn’t look like a 15 year old trying to look 18 who is hopped up on Abercrombie & freshman year of high school/college. I mean it’s not like the sales associate saw my more demure, mid-20’s style & thought she could immediately scoff at my clothing and rip-off my Vera Bradley. But then again… 
I had some brand new shoes,
The were all red… (She & Him).
Cropped Tweed (Loft)
Faux-skin Red (Maxstudio C/O Marhsall’s)
First impressions, no.

.To being $28.10 richer.

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