St. Monci. I don’t know the precise way to pronounce his name, but I am indubitably enamored and entranced by his art. Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of heading downtown with 2 awesome friends, Dani + Dan (they date, see above), into the lesser known alleys of Rochester’s East End. I remembered it as a bakery and was fascinated to know that this tiny, geometric building, near to some Rochester Wall Therapy, had become the 1975 art gallery. From September 7 – September 28, the gallery features Adventures in Technicolor by St. Monci, a solo collection of geometric patterned paintings and multimedia work. Check out the exhibit’s flyer here or here. For a preview, please explore St. Monci’s website + Facebook page. To experience it2-D paintings popping out in 3-D color, encased within an open rectangular space whose walls’ angularly painted features grab you into the pieces–stop by 1975 on Charlotte Street (near Union). Now.

“1975 presents Adventures in Technicolor by St. Monci.” Framed it.











To learn more about St. Monci, check out his website. Check him out on Facebook. Follow him on Twitter. And try not to like every single thing he posts on Instagram. (Try it.) Another super cool endeavor St. Monci contributes to Rochester is Wall Therapy. I’ve only seen a few murals in print, and even fewer in person, but sometime soon, before beloved Rochester is covered in snow, I plan to tour our city streets to imbibe as many murals as possible. Somewhat of a Un-Tourist’s Tour. Even had I seen all of the walls and neighborhoods so graced by these therapists and their paint, I could never begin to convey the movement’s altruistic roots and genuine reach. Please visit the website to learn more about the initiative. Tour Rochester to see them on your own.

One of my favorite posts on St. Monci’s website? Video of him spray painting a mural on the back of the Fine Arts Theatre building in the South Wedge on Gregory Street + South Ave. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I.

(Vote Best of Rochester 2013 for St. Monci, 1975 Gallery, + Wall/Therapy, which is on there several times!)








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