Shop Local. Abundance CoOp.

.World’s Best Coffee.
(Quite Literally)
Abundance Cooperative Market.
62 Marshall Street.
Right off Monroe. Near the Bug Jar
What’s a CoOp? Who’s a shareholder? How do I become one?  
Truly, visit their website. This will answer all questions & more.

BPA free tuna can, Blue Diamond Gluten-Free snacks;
Locally owned & baked Flour City Bread.
What I can tell you about the CoOp is that it is a 1 way to be 100% sure of your foodhome goods, & beauty productsLocallyGloballyEnvironmentallyGuilt-free shopping. (Aside from the slight dent it could put in the wallet…)
You can compare the prices yourself.

.I love the CoOp because.
I love the CoOp because it exposes me to products I wouldn’t normally seek. Like Blue Diamond Natural Nut-Thins. I knew about these & knew I really liked these from my visit with Christine. Still, it’s unlikely I’d seek them out amidst competing snack options–I’m not gluten intolerant and so my motivation, other than that they are super healthy & yum, is still low–such as Keebler Club Crackers. The CoOp makes it easy.
And who knew about Zevia Soda!? Legittttttttttttt. …Member how I was saying no Cola with phenylalanine and less and less of a yes to those without? Now I can have it all. Haven’t yet tried this all natural diet version. But I am SO beyond stoked. And there are tons of flavors. Root Beer, Orange, Grape. You can’t not try.
Food & Drink.

Perhaps the main reason I always end up at The CoOp is for their fresh brewed, organic, FREE TRADE coffee. I die. I’ve drank coffee all around the world–Italy, Spain, France–and this is just as good. Kid you not. I love love love love love the darkest roasts, a brew I’d try no where else within The States (except perhaps Seattle…), b/c anywhere else I’ve had it, it’s bitter, biting, cracked, & chalked. But this stuff is the real deal. Whole & full & round & chocolate. How I don’t drink it daily, I do not know. It’s worth the stop in just for that.

And Abundance has a mini-cafe area. Bagels & soups at the coffee station, fresh & nutritious. They always feature locally baked goods. Flour City Bread is some of the best stuff ’round. Difficult to cut (especially with a dull knife), even to tear, but incredibly delicious, and satisfying, to chew.
Not the mini-cafe, which is just as relaxing as my porch.

Perhaps most of all, I love the CoOp for the potential I feel it instills within me. It reminds me that I have much to learn about local food, Slow Food, globalization, & community organization. The CoOp, if not on its own then in conjunction with numerous local organizations, provides opportunities to volunteer, craft, cook, participate, & organize. Especially for someone like me who needs guidance when it comes to trying new things–I‘m just not the delve-in and DIY (myself) gal. (Really, I don’t refer to myself as a gal in general, so.)the CoOp is a nurturing guide to nurturing more than just one’s tumtum.

My latest potential endeavor? 
To work there. Perhaps? At least volunteer, even if I’m not a shareholder.  
(That’s possible, no?) 

As I mature (try to…), I discover how essential it is to surround myself–not necessarily with like-minded people–but rather, with like-moraled people. That I can learn further how to respect my world & my community, how to contribute to both, & gain some residuals on the side (like a renewed interest in cooking … or a cute boyfriend??? … maybe?) is compelling
I urge, urge, urge all of you to look into your own Cooperative Market, or local source of food, whatever it may be.

Anyone can shop,
Anyone can join.
Abundance CoOp.

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