Shop Local. Eat Local. Adventures at the Rochester Public Market.

The prettiest.
{And tastiest.}

This needs to become regular, and I need to become a regular. Every Saturday morning. Or afternoon. Produce, flowers, cafe, wine, sites, sounds, smells: I want The Rochester Public Market to be my routine. Literally steps from my doorstep and streets from everywhere else. It is the #ShopLocal, #EatLocal culinary epicenter of Rochester, NY. And I haven’t even touched on Rohrbach’s Brewery Railroad Street.

Game Bird White.
Table Wine.

Saturday, I finally went. My first time this summer–official summer–and I got to stroll. Rochester, New York’s Public Market has national acclaim and if you’ve ever lived in Rochester, or have ever moved away, you know why. We got charm. We got variety. We got quality. We got Finger Lakes Wine tastings. We got class.

This past Saturday, The Market was extraordinary. Amidst the mist of drizzle and blooming sunshine, mothers, singles, teens, strollers, bargain browsers, chefs, and hipsters of all ages wound around and through the equally as multifarious fare.  And that’s not even what makes our Rochester, NY Public Market sing. It’s the stories. The one-liners. The characters. Our people.

Snapdragons safely on my bedside stand.
Beautiful & fresh.


As I burnished snapdragons from Ziembiec’s Wholesale Florist throughout makeshift aisles and barely-there pathways (always buy flowers last, PS) one couple chimed in with expert/amateur advice. Put Clorox in the water, she shouted. Or vodka! the jovial husband quipped. I laughed, and like a turn of the wave, the couple folded back through the crowd. Or, rather, the crowd wrapped over and through them.

Pretty in the Kitchen.
{Fresh + Floral.}

Barricaded, I braced myself against the Heron Hill Finger Lakes wine stand. Is it the red or the white you like? Sweet or not too much. A collapsible table transformed from the fate of an insipid info-booth

Stands Alone.
Or as a Summer Spritzer.

or forgotten lemonade stand, supported every last one of my anticipations. Four samples & 1 bottle purchased, I still couldn’t believe that our Public Market has had the liquor license, 21+ years, to vend during market hours. Take that grocery stores.

Yes. I wanted it.
See you again next week lemonade stand.

My favorite has to be Edward. The tri-ventricular deformed lemon that can only be shaped like a Vampire’s heart, or the empty space where one might have once beat. Whatchya’ going to do with that??? I pointed after purchasing 3 waxy beauts for just $1. …Want it??? The farmer didn’t miss her beat.
Before bidding adieu, I had to stop at Paula’s. Formerly on Culver Rd, store front still furnished & apparently reopening this November {these are the tids you learn while shopping & socializing at The Market}. Paula’s is one of the most authentic Mexican cuisines I have ever. To learn of their resurgence as a food truck at Saturday’s Public Market, may as well have been the resurrection of Christ. Let alone to learn news regarding this November. You have to stop there. Even if just for a baby burrito that you save until later. Tastes good then, too.

Baby Burrito from Paula’s.
{Stays delicious.}


Here’s to
making it


Farm Fresh Cucumbers.
Tastes like summer.

Rochester Public Market.



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