Shop Local. Eat Local. Dolce Cupcakery.

Apparently, Rochester’s a church town. Come 3, 4am Sunday morning, as the last lingering after-hours end, our streets role-up & scarcely a local shop, aside from Wegmans or your typical diner, opens its eyes (or its doors). So when my great friends (Beth & Cassie) from the great cities (Boston & Brooklyn) rolled into town over Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, we rejoiced. The pink sign with black lettering. Open. Dolce Cupcakery: a sweet name to match its sweeter delights.
Dolce Cupcakery. Lemon Blueberry.
Amazing. Along with Signature Vanilla & Coconut &…

Owned by Kristi Dellaria, President of Dolce Cupcakery, the shop on Park Avenue boasts a bright & contemporary space that illuminated the biting and windy cold from whence we came. Colorful chairs and a chic countertop mirror the sleek, though whimsical, confections assorted just so onto cake platters. For one second–one brief, sweet, sumptuous second–it felt like summer on Park Ave all over again. And so I ordered one of everything. Eight selections that blustery day.
Left-Right, Top-Bottom: Momma Bear, Lemon Blueberry.
Pistachio, Cookies & Cream. Signature Chocolate,
Coconut. Signature Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss.
The cream-cheese frosting, a swirly mound atop moist & delicate cakes, may well be the crown jewels. Delectable flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and lemon articulate each bite with a sincerity that tells you this must be the good stuff. If you live in or around Pittsford, NY, you already know what I mean. Dolce Cupcakery’s original shop is on 50 State Street right in The Village. For more info, like how to cater your wedding, visit the website! AND PLEASE CHECK OUT HOW DOLCE CUPCAKERY GIVES BACK.
Great Friends: BarbaraEllen, Beth, Cassie.

There in  : Sara.
Dolce et eat.

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