Shop Local. I Bought a Fannie Pack.

.Gold Chain.
.Hip Satchel.

 Why buy retail when you can buy recycled?

.Quilted Black.
.Amanda Smith.
(Vera Bradley black quilted, elbow bag not shown: $15.)

Seriously. No one wants to wear what everyone else already has or furnish his or her personal space with good-looking pieces that leave an insipid taste. As noted here: 

.Gift for a Good Friend.
.Shhh Don’t Tell.

And as a rule of thumb, I rarely–rarely–buy jewelry (costume jewelry b/c let’s be honest, I’m not buying the good stuff) if not thrifted or from a boutique.  . . . .   Why???

More character
Less likely to be seen on the girl ‘cross the room.  
.I bought a Fannie.
.Genuine Leather

 Looks just as great. 

Sometimes better
‘Specially if vintage is your thing.  
Oh yeah. 
way less expensive
supports local economies,  
saves the environment
and always comes with a story
.From Israel.

And as I’m discovering, rummage sales–tis the season for rummage sales–are the most affordable and unique way to find these babies:

Jewels with character, knacks with charm, and bags with class.
.Signed Fannie.
.Emily Ann of Boca Raton.

Unlike garage sales, which are sometimes more hit-or-miss, rummage sales always provide a smattering of a spread sprinkled with trinkets, gems, & just-gotta’-haves. Garage sales? Sure, but just 1 garage sale is less likely to have the eclectic variety characteristic of a rummage sale, which displays goods from a pool of people and not just 1 or 2 families.

.Silver Plated Salad Tools.
.Fancy Cheese Slicer.

Don’t get me wrong: garage sales are awes! Please, pull over when you see one. But rummage sales are more likely to have higher quality and diversity of tastes. Need more convincing? Click here.

.Peacock Bowl.

My Momsly, she is no stranger to them either. Today, she swept me away to Temple B’rith Kodesh where the annual rummage sale is run by the Women of Reform Judaism B’rith Kodesh Sisterhood. She’s been going for … longer than it’ll take me to remember that name. This sale is great because, while all the main stays are represented–jewelry, bags, home goods–and in tip-top quality, it is smaller–2 rooms–and therefore more easily navigable than other sales. Perfect for a mid-afternoon or lunchtime stop. Which is just what we did. Thanks Momsly!!!!

Happy Rummaging.


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