Shop Local. Peppermint & Small Business Saturday #ROC .

Small Business Saturday.
Hair Bows. Peppermint.
Not to be confused with the amazing Bow Ties. (In the back.)
Small Biz Sat, the day after Black Friday & 2 days before Cyber Monday, is your chance to support the local, emerging, & growing economies in your neighborhood. Normally shop for veg at the grocery store? Try your local farmers’ market. Looking for unique holiday gifts? Hop to a hip boutique. Looking for a tasty bite to eat … other than some turkey?? Mom ‘n’ Pop restaurant is the way to go. To those of us still standing after the Grey and Black deluge of retail that flooded our stores as the tryptophan sank-in: Remember this one thing…

Doesn’t have to be Small Business Saturday 
for an excuse to Shop Local.
Classic Cameo. Edgy Cameo.
Exactly what Peppermint’s all about. (I bought two!)
In fact, I shopped today, Black Friday 2012. Great thing about boutique shopping (aside from it is awesome) is that stores are not necessarily overrun. Or, while certainly busier, definitely not death-defying. So, let me tell you about one of the best & newest boutiques in Rochester.
Envelope Purse. Holiday Wish List 2012. 
Want that blue baby with the yellow! … But any will do.
I am absolutely obsessed & infatuated in all senses of the words. For one, Tanvi,  owner of Peppermint, partners with local artisans to bring you the most unique and beautiful in meaningful jewelry. For two, Tanvi, designer of fashion apparel, designs several of the dresses & apparel items herself. SHE DESIGNS THEM HERSELF. THEY ARE ONE-OF-A-KINDS. MADE IN NEW YORK CITY. ONLY 6 PER DESIGN TOTAL. That is domestic. That is diva. I love her designs.
Love at First Sight (online) with this Lace Peplum.
Look Closely or Look Above … Classic Cream Cameo.
Owner & designer Tanvi brings such freshness & class to all that she does, from Peppermint’s hip/quirky/vintage/classic style to the bright/clean/luminous space of her store, that it’s easy to continually shop for more. Not only did Tanvi remember that the last time I shopped, I was in-recovery from a migraine & so, this evening, asked if I felt better, but aslo, she offered advice for a dress on which I could not decide. I’ll be honest with you. I promise. Absolutely, I believed. And, I am so glad that I did.
Pics doesn’t do this justice.
Love that it’s Asian-inspired. Perfect w a Skeleton Cameo.
Finally, friends: parting gifts. Tanvi, every now & again, subtly sneaks a gift bag into your own. During Rochester’s Fashion Week it was a full-on grab bag filled with goodies. This evening, a complimentary strand of Birds of Paradise to brighten the holiday season. What’s more? She consistently interacts with patrons via social media (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram).  Check out the pic of my ugly sweater on her Facebook homepage! If that’s not dedication to the community that she serves, then someone, please, find me a Webster.
Tanvi via Insty.
Complimentary & Beautiful Birds of Paradise.
So. For all of your holiday finds, indulgent dreams, & Small Business Saturday sprees, Shop Local & Shop Peppermint. (The website is good, but the store, incredible. So go!)
Something for everyone.
Bit of whimsy for we older souls.
Be Pepperminty.

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