This Sale is Godly.

And, according to my Mama + one of the volunteers, it has been Godly for about 50 years. While Momsly’s been coming to this Next to New Sale for 30 years, this year marks my 2nd. And already, I’m a believer. For life. Maybe even for afterlife. Only God knows. All I know is that this sale of wheres & whats & clothes & shoes & books & bobs is good. Next-to-God-Good.

{$3 a pair!}
Hipster ankle boots.
Genuine leather mid-calf cowboy boots.
Vintage Spectator Wedge
in Navy + White.
{old & new.}
Railroad Striped Sleeveless.
Pendleton Wool Blazer.
Loft Striped Cropped.
$16.50 for:
5 pairs of earrings
3 necklaces (1 locket)
1 charm bracelet (not vintage).
Not Pictured
{hardcover Steinbeck. glass beaker. glass decanter. copper measuring spoons.}
* * *
Blessed Sacrament Church, conveniently located in Rochester’s shopping district and to Dogtown. Which is delicious
Monroe Avenue.
Rochester, NY.

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