Shop Local. Thrifting: Volunteers of America 14604.

Thrifting. Recycling. Shopping. Donating. Vintage-ing. Hipster-ing. And it’s always a great deal! What more do we need? And moreover … Why don’t we do this more? Despite my best efforts, even I could stand to check out more of our local thrift stores & sales, more. And after this shopping expedition, I will. (As well as take some cues from this thrifting beauty!) Lucky for me,

 this hidden gem’s on the way to work, home, the lake, Donuts Delite. You name it. For the rest, 12 surrounding Rochester, NY stores & even online shopping abound. With additional community services, child care services, residential services, and spiritual growth services, your donation–clothing, foot ware, furniture, home goods, money, or time–certainly goes noticed. Volunteers of America on Culver Rd, a bridge between Park Ave (current hood), the Beechwood Neighborhood (old hood: think Johnny’s Irish, James Brown Place, The Golden Fox, L&M Lanes), and East Irondequoit (old school & home to Donuts Delite, shout out #2) has superb service (…Elayne! See below), unique finds, & is just around the corner. No need to be jealous. Just check it, or the other 12 area stores, out. 

* * *
Clockwise from Left: Chambray Abercrombie. Linen Chartreuse.
Floral Surplus. Sherbert Shirts.
Classic Picks: Patterned & Sassy.
Colored Shorts!
Biggest. Trend. of the. Season.
#hipsterhip .
Shoes with great Soul.
Discounts & Discount Programs.
Elayne, most helpful sales person everrr, clued me in on even more.
(And suggested a killer shorts tip–elastic, low-rise–which could save me.)
Thank you Elayne at Culver Rd #VOA !
My Buys.
Mary Kay Compacts ONSALE.
Lefty purchased for Momsly’s Birthday
which is TODAY.
Floral & Cropped.
Wear it EVERY DAY.
Leather. $4.99. EEEEEEEEE!!!
Park Ave Fest, meet my newest best friend.
Volunteers of American on Culver Rd. 14604.
Great for gifts. Or yourself. Guilt free. Give back.
There are no limits to caring.
Or shopping.
Or giving.
Or looking great.
Or going local.



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