{What work looked like today with Mozzeroni’s #glutenfree pizza. … #eatlocal.}

Not sure if you heard … but it’s official.


As in, I actually get paid to sit down and to write (and to read and research … and to write). As in, my official job title is: Writer.


I work for Capra Strategy, owned by the incredibly intelligent + innovative + insightful + hilarious Cass McCrory. In fact, Capra actually administrates my website. That’s how we met.


The coolest thing about working for Cass + contributing to Capra is … well, there are too many to name. (Because there are a lot.) But one of the coolest–definitely the most invaluable–is having Cass as a mentor + guide. Strategy and decision making, creativity and leadership radiate from Cass like light  through crystal. Multi-faceted and everywhere all at once. Still so visible and poised.


(and not a Dashboard Confessional Album)

Not too long ago during a team meeting, Cass took the time to sit with me more like a client than an employee. (Of course, I’m both. But in this case, she’s paying me to give me her advice that technically I should be paying her for. You get it, right.) Cass advised me to create a Vision + a Mission for my #ShopLocal jam.


So that when describing what I do, I don’t use words like “jam.”

Actually. Because Visions + Missions, they make it official. And not just because it’s a badge where every awesome organization has one. No. Because they are practical. They communicate. They are guidelines. So that when organizing events or sponsoring others, you have a frame of reference with which to say – Yes and, or Yes but, or No because, or No but how about. You dig.


I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this. It has to be tight. It must truly reflect all of the tiny embers that I try to gather and ignite and spread to all of you.

So wait for it Roc. We’re getting a #ShopLocal Vision + Mission. And you can thank Mrs. Cass McCrory for that.




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