Shop Local. Wegmans: Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

…So avoid eye contact. Or try to avoid eye contact. Or want to avoid eye contact.


Organic Chicken Dumplings. Wegmans.
Pulled into the spot where a former co-worker backed out. Avoid eye contact.
Found $42-ish dolla on the ground. (‘Tween the bread & deli section. In case you dropped it. Or want to feign as such.) Turn it in to Customer Service, track the man whose money you think it is, abandon your grocery basket … scurry into the parking-lot to ask him, after he’s cashed out, not because you’re trying to hit on him (though if he were younger & my type…), but because you really want this person to find the $42. (See below.) …Avoid eye contact.
Cashed out in-front of the guy who’s been the It Boy for my Helga Pataki Syndrome since 1995, also known as the 5th grade. (Helga Pataki Syndrome?) …Avoid eye contact.

Tofu Sushi, Dumplings, & Sauce. Wegmans.

* * *

What I want to know is … who’s getting the $42??? 


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