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The Subtraction Project: Back 2 School Lesson 1 … Is Life Adding Up For You??

{Photo taken from the Facebook of The Subtraction Project brain-lady: Cass McCrory.} THE SUBTRACTION PROJECT BY: CASS. JUST CURIOUS. WEBSITE | SIGN UP | FACEBOOK WHO: Cass McCrory – business woman, strategist, mentor, mom, wife, blogger, writer, web site developer, + #ladyboss. WHAT: A simple way to help your life add up, everyday. WHERE: At your digs! With …

Sweet Poison Cupcake: It’s JPop + It’s Dangerously Sweet.

{Tempest with handmade lollipops (non edible) and more #kawaii pieces in the foreground.} SWEET POISON CUPCAKE VILLAGE GATE 274 N. GOODMAN ST D109 WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM WHO: Tempest Paige, teen entrepreneur & Cosplay babe. WHAT: JPop boutique! (That’s Japanese Pop. #kawaii) WHERE: In the Village Gate! WHEN: My tip (especially for bomb places like these, which often …