The Subtraction Project: Back 2 School Lesson 1 … Is Life Adding Up For You??

{Photo taken from the Facebook of The Subtraction Project brain-lady: Cass McCrory.}




WHO: Cass McCrory – business woman, strategist, mentor, mom, wife, blogger, writer, web site developer, + #ladyboss.

WHAT: A simple way to help your life add up, everyday.

WHERE: At your digs! With updates online + on Facebook.

WHEN: …When works for you? Newest Subtraction starts this September! (Sign-up now.)

WHY: Mindfulness. For me, this is about setting 15 minutes everyday so that I can practice mindfulness inside and out: in the 2 spaces I frequent most. My mind. And my home.

{ I lifted this from Cass’ Facebook. }

Have you ever been tempted to cut the puzzle piece to fit? What thing to do you need to cut out of the puzzle that is your life right now?
What’s missing? All of the comments of people who, like me, want to minimize. … Why should you join? You tell me!
(How it all adds-up, for me.)
  • Time + space to … subtract the extra in my brain!

Listen, I got a lot going-on up there. {Points to brain.} Clients. Blogging. Strategizing. Planning. Executing. … I recently started jogging again. I’ve done yoga since 2012. I’d like to get back to kickboxing. … I work hard to keep my body in shape. Why not keep the mind in shape, too?

  • No trips to the big box store required

This is the best part! Subtraction Project is free … + it requires no extra supplies. In fact {let me rephrase that}: the best part is … I finally get to get rid of stuff! Stuff. I’m sick of it. And yet, when do I sit down, go through the bags and totes I’ve used  the past 6 months {2 years}, and subtract?? I don’t. The Subtraction Project will help.

  • What time commitment??

As Cass says, “Prompts will be short and sweet taking between 5-15 minutes to complete.” Can you handle that? Because 100%, I can. And, yes, of course you can too. It’s like–putting #Instagram down for 1 hot minute and, instead of scrolling through every last photo that’s in your queue, subtracting some of the extra.

Speaking of…
(Where you can see it add up for me.)
  • Daily.

Find a post on Instagram! Or Facebook. Or Twitter. See how, on 1 of my social media platforms, + you Subtraction Project works for me.

  • Monthly.

Find a longer post + reflection right here! See what I love. See what works. See what doesn’t. See how it helps. See why I laugh + how I’ve channeled the lightness that so many seek.

  • Nightly.

Okay, you won’t see this. But I will. Nightly, I’m excited to see how each + every prompt and exercise helps me. Life’s about meaning, about feeling whole.

* * *
What’s The Subtraction Project mean to you??

Shop Local Vision + Mission: Capra Strategy wayfinders.

{What work looked like today with Mozzeroni’s #glutenfree pizza. … #eatlocal.}

Not sure if you heard … but it’s official.


As in, I actually get paid to sit down and to write (and to read and research … and to write). As in, my official job title is: Writer.


I work for Capra Strategy, owned by the incredibly intelligent + innovative + insightful + hilarious Cass McCrory. In fact, Capra actually administrates my website. That’s how we met.


The coolest thing about working for Cass + contributing to Capra is … well, there are too many to name. (Because there are a lot.) But one of the coolest–definitely the most invaluable–is having Cass as a mentor + guide. Strategy and decision making, creativity and leadership radiate from Cass like light  through crystal. Multi-faceted and everywhere all at once. Still so visible and poised.


(and not a Dashboard Confessional Album)

Not too long ago during a team meeting, Cass took the time to sit with me more like a client than an employee. (Of course, I’m both. But in this case, she’s paying me to give me her advice that technically I should be paying her for. You get it, right.) Cass advised me to create a Vision + a Mission for my #ShopLocal jam.


So that when describing what I do, I don’t use words like “jam.”

Actually. Because Visions + Missions, they make it official. And not just because it’s a badge where every awesome organization has one. No. Because they are practical. They communicate. They are guidelines. So that when organizing events or sponsoring others, you have a frame of reference with which to say – Yes and, or Yes but, or No because, or No but how about. You dig.


I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this. It has to be tight. It must truly reflect all of the tiny embers that I try to gather and ignite and spread to all of you.

So wait for it Roc. We’re getting a #ShopLocal Vision + Mission. And you can thank Mrs. Cass McCrory for that.




Bloggers Closet Yard Sale: 11-4 THIS Saturday!


11-4 SAT 5/31





“Fashion. #ShopLocal. Giving Back.”

~Jenny Sanzo, Event Organizer

WHO: Organizer + Brain Child Jenny Sanzo of The Flower City Fashionista

WHAT: Shop Local. Eat Local. Shop the closets of your fav bloggers and social media enthusiasts  + Shop Rochester’s fav artisans and boutiques + Eat some seriously sweet treats. (See below.)

WHERE: Rochester Brainery at The Village Gate

WHEN: Saturday, 5/31. 11-4.

WHY: Fundraiser to support Shop Local + your closet without breaking the wallet

First Annual Closet Bloggers Yard Sale

~Everything You Love … in 1 Extravaganza~

I. CANNOT. WAIT. Jenny’s event combines every single last thing I love about Shop Local in Rochester, NY. Community. Food. Boutique. Fashion. Bloggers. Social Media. Fundraising. Rochester Brainery. Take a moment to absorb this. Not only will incredible fashion present itself at hugely discounted prices, but so will opportunities to #shoplocal from Rochester’s most talented artisans and boutiques:

Pretty sweet. And BCYS has you covered on that, too. #EatLocal:

I’m not sure my mind or body knows how to prepare myself for the fabulosity to ensue. I will start by preparing my own clothing + booth! Thank you Jenny, thank you above sponsors, thank you #shoplocal #eatlocal businesses. And thank you Rochester for coming out to #Roc this Closet Yard Sale.


Fraction of what I will Donate + Sell!

See you there!!