’30’s are Weird … Pt. III .


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Pt. III .

{ Thirties. Right now, as we speak, the biological age of “The ’30’s” — I apologize, in advance, if anyone perceived this to be about the 1930’s, which really wasn’t that weird … but almost equally as tragic — is a true Phenomena. International, Technological, Cultural, Economical, Political: being ’30 during the latter teens of the Millennium is quite harrowing + requires the emergence of a completely new Cultural Identity. }

This is a 3 Part Post : 30 Reasons Our Thirties, in 2017, are Weird. As F.
I will publish in 3 installments — possibly a week apart, possibly more. { I can’t say. I’m a confused 30-something: give me some space. } Whilst reading, you will either completely relate, + I will give Voice to our Unidentified Generation. Or — possibly And — you will deem me crazy. With outdated cultural references, an over-reliance on “Mean Girls,” shoddy extended metaphors, an illegible Writing Voice { hey I’m not gonna’ change that }, and someone who is clearly incredibly neurotic + insecure about her ’30’s. … But hey, at least I can admit it.

Cont’d. from Part II { posted Tues., 5.9.2017 }

Not yet in my ’30’s, celebrating my friend’s 30th. … #meta.

Thirty Reason your Thirties, in 2017, are Weird. AF. 

In condescending order of importance.

10. Money + The Great Unknown. … What is “healthy”?

Student loan debt v. “healthy” credit card debt v. “healthy” retirement v. … Too many variables. Don’t even tell me to speak with a Financial Advisor, because honestly, current-’30-somethings are the Lost Audience. I don’t want to know what was healthy for my parents at age ’30-something. I want to know what’s healthy for me. And, thing is, Globalization is changing our World so quickly … that No One Knows.

9. Dog Moms + Cat Lady’s. We joke but … we’re actually self-conscious.

Is ’30’s too young to become full-on Dog Moms/Dads + Cat Lady’s/Sir’s?? Maybe, we’re just growing up too damn fast. …

8. Lifestyle + Travel. So you’re unmarried, yes … and no kids??

Well, my friend, you have the world at your finger tips. Oh, but you were also late getting your career started because — recession — and you’re not sure about too much credit card debt because — student loan debt! — so … where does travel fit in.

  • Do we vacation every once in a while??
  • Do we turn travel into a Lifestyle and start small with day-trips + Staycations.
  • Most Importantly : Is it still okay to couch surf at your friends. … Or is that what Air BnB is for. Never a debate in my ’20’s. But not that I’m ’30+ … couch surf is unreasonable? And, apparently, it’s also a thing.

7. Tiny Houses. Studies have shown

Jk, Tiny Houses have barely existed long enough to show how much they:

  • decrease in value
  • tear relationships apart
  • come loose at the screws — quite literally — whilst driving on the side-road before the freeway road, let alone the hairpin road to that National Park you dreamed of visiting … in your Tiny House.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully want to build as well as live in one. Don’t get me wrong.

{  Surprise!
There are only 25 reasons … and that’s a stretch.  }

1. Social Media RevolutionDid 2012 change everything? YES.

  • Personal Experience – Exhibit 1My older brother is 4 years older than me, and our childhoods, including high school, quite similar : internet happened at school & Encyclopedia Britannica flanked bibliographies.
  • Personal Experience – Exhibit 2My younger brother is 6 years younger than me, and our childhoods, especially high school, quite differed : he IM’ed anytime of day { not just after 9pm }, Facebook { ‘nough said }, + he obtained his 1st cell phone as a freshman in High School — 4 years earlier than me.
  • Blow Your Mind MomentStill — regardless of these vast differences named in E2 — a 2003 high school graduate and a 2010 high school graduate have much more in common than, say … anyone in high school in-and-around 2012. In other words :

If you’re 10-ish years my junior { 20 – 23, 24 } right now, we are all Millennials … and still Universes apart. Why?

It’s not just cell phones. It’s not just WiFi. It’s not just Facebook. It’s not even Twitter. It’s Share-E-Bus! The Three-Headed Social Media Beast-Dog. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram, mainstreaming the latter { trust me : Insta was once obscure + so much better }, and Snapchat grew in usage. Social Media devoured Adolescent / Emerging Adult’s { see past posts! } lifestyles.

I’m not sure if Share-E-Bus guards the Underworld or has opened its gates for actual Hell on Earth. 

But I do know that Social Media is no longer just an add-on. A side-dish we use to complement our meal or an appetizer before the actual interaction. Social Media is the Main Course: a mainstream channel through which current ’20-somethings — certainly generations younger — actually interact + socialize. I’m not saying they don’t meet-up IRL. { This isn’t Virtual Reality, yet. } But I am saying that Share-E-Bus devours all. … And its gnarly three heads has devoured the 2nd half Millennials, and future Generations, more than it has ANY of us.

Mind . Blown .

In Summary, ’30’s are just … weird . … a . f.

{ because , always }



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