Treasure Trove Vintage feat. Anjolee DeMaroux Photography: Curated Vintage.

1960’s Chiffon + Taffeta Dress. Won via Auction at Sewn Seeds Fashion Show to support Verona Street Animal Society and Girls Rock Rochester.

{ photography by Anjolee Eggleston of                       

Anjolee de Maroux photography. }




A Curated Vintage Shop.

WHO:  Morgan DeLapa.

WHAT:  Vintage Clothing Boutique.

WHERE: Park + Meigs. (Same building as World Hair, Peppermint, + Scratch Bake Shop.)

WHEN: Vintage by soul. Acquiring since 2009. Blog since 2010. Park Ave shop since 2013.

WHY: Inspired by the “old-fashioned” style of grandmother and mother {Honey DeLapa, Morgan’s mom, is totally a PIC Partner In Crime} where, “You get dressed up, and you look nice to go out.”

HOW: Style. Eye. General Dopeness. Self-Educated.




Back when I converted from Barbara Ellen Writes to Barbara Ellen Shops Local, I lost some content because … I did it wrong. {That’s what happens when you go rouge on Capra Strategy. Don’t do it. But know that if you did, they will fix everything you don’t totally bomb.} That means the 1st feature I posted on Treasure Trove Vintage is history.


Dress – 1950’s rare Peter Pan collar drop-waist dress.
Bag – 1960’s vinyl bag.

Huge bummer.

What happens when we trash beautiful pieces we’re meant to keep??

Morgan finds them!

Or you get some more. And that is where Treasure Trove Vintage + Anjolee DeMaroux Photography come in. I interviewed my insanely rad friends: curator and owner Morgan DeLapa on her vintage boutique + Renaissance woman photographer Anjolee DeMaroux, who also did my hair + make-up + helped me giggle as I sauntered the streets of Park Ave.

These women are what’s up.

* * * 


“Do I really want to do this or is it just a fun side project to distract me from being an adult?”

STYLE Knowing Treasure Trove Vintage and owner Morgan DeLapa only make sense if you know and understand Morgan’s insanely unique and polished, eclectic and put-together style. She makes Brooklynites + Upper East Siders jealous, and baby doesn’t even live in NYC. {Even though it is her favorite city.} To keep track I follow her blog: The Treasure Trove.

I honestly cannot even handle Morgan’s natural cool. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

BEGINNINGS It’s almost impossible to believe it when you see the collection at Treasure Trove and when you imagine all of the pieces Morgan, herself, owns. But Morgan DeLapa began acquiring vintage pieces just 5 years ago, in 2009. On the first vintage dress c. 1970’s she bought back in high school, Morgan explains: “It’s ridiculously ugly but beautiful at the same time.” Therein lies the crux of the infatuation with vintage. Sometimes it’s beautiful, and sometimes it’s a beautiful disaster. Thing is, with pieces from Treasure Trove Vintage, you’re going to stun.


Dress – 1960’s silk chiffon dress. Sold. But there are many more options available. Perfect for weddings + prom.
Necklace – 1950’s lilac beads.

“I wanted to give them a new home that wasn’t the dumpster. I thought they were so great, that they had to be shared with the world.”

In 2010 Morgan started her blog. When she began buying vintage pieces that were not just her size, she started selling on eBay in 2011. Shortly after, Morgan opened her first shop in Honeoye Falls in the photography studio her mother owned.

“It was my dream to have a store on Park Ave.”

When a listing opened up on Park Avenue in 2013, Morgan was reluctant to check-out the then Peppermint space. “I was looking more in the South Wedge because of price,” and, on the size of the shop, Morgan was, “worried she wouldn’t have enough to restock.”

But some things are just meant to be.

green dress revised

1960’s paisley dress. Modern wedges – purchased by me.

The building owner wanted another clothing shop to rent. Morgan named her price. She got it. The lease was signed in April 2013. Treasure Trove Vintage opened May 4, 2013.

“If I don’t do this now, someone else will.”

THE STORE When you walk into Treasure Trove Vintage, located in a building whose address is Park Ave with storefront facing Meigs–{think original location of Shop Peppermint}–you walk into a wonderland. It’s like being 5 and stepping into you grandmother’s, your aunt’s, and your mom’s closets–when all of those people are some of the coolest people you know–looking up, and being mesmerized. You want to wear the red glossy heels even if they are a few sizes to big because they just make you feel amazing.

Morgan describes her boutiques as a “curated vintage shop.” This means that she chooses only select pieces, between the 1900’s to the 1990’s (no later than 1994). It also means that, when she started, she was worried she wouldn’t have enough pieces to keep in-stock.

THE EYE While restocking has never been an issue as Morgan feared, curating vintage pieces is not easy. Aside from sourcing, Morgan has actively self-educated and trained her eye to understand time period and why styles were invented when they were. Tags are also important. Someone as trained as Morgan can name the decade and or time period a piece originated based on tags, alone. Or even buttons and zippers.

Morgan just has it.

Training ones’ self, however, doesn’t make the final cut. Morgan just has it. The eye. For fashion, style, vintage, for what people will and will not wear.


Coat – 1960’s trapeze coat.
Dress – 1950’s/’60’s camel dress. I bought it.

Take it from me–I own about 10+ Treasure Trove Vintage pieces, ranging from heels to blazers to dresses to belts, and I have a seriously hard time leaving that store without picking something up, each time I go in, because pieces are that well priced + fit like a glove. All of Morgan’s pieces are incredibly wearable.


Dress – See above.
Necklace – 1940’s/’50’s trifari metal necklace.
Heels – 1980’s Saks on Fifth Ave.

They translate timelessly to today with the allure of yesterday and the attitude of sugar.

THE EVENTS Park Ave Fest is this weekend!!! {I can’t believe it.} Treasure Trove will be around and even has a Sneak Peak this Friday, 8/1 for all of those who want to beat the crowds. Sales on summer + regular merchandise will be priced.

It was actually this time last year at Park Ave Fest when I first met Morgan + bought a beautiful brown blouse that buttons-up the back. I wanted to buy everything. {Slowly working on that.}


this weekend


sales on summer merchandise + regular merchandise


try-on in-store

Get your glamour girls, get out to Treasure Trove Vintage. And let me know what you find.

And for portfolio, commercial, fine art, wedding, engagement, boudoir, or 2nd shooting photograph – get at my girl Anjolee Eggleston of Anjolee DeMaroux Photography. She transforms.


Dress – 1950’s/’60/s Camel Dress. I bought it.
Coat – 1960’s trapeze coat.

Thank you to Morgan DeLapa, owner + curator of Treasure Trove Vintage, and Anjolee Eggleston, stylist + photographer/owner of Anjolee DeMaroux Photography. Proud to call you both my friends + Boss Ladies.





Around Town: Shop Peppermint. Shop Favorites.


121 Park Avenue

(Corner of Park + Meigs)

Rochester, NY 14607


P: (585) 466-4396

regular store hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 11a – 7p
Saturday: 11a – 6p
Sunday & Monday: Closed


There’s a bathroom in the hall–not sure it’s for public use–but. Technically, I could move in. And who needs curtains when you have famous window displays to rival those on Fifth Ave??

Shop Peppermint is more than just a hip boutique on Park Ave. Shop Peppermint is the House of Hip.


Statement necklaces.
Get you feeling Foxy.

Owner/Designer Tanvi Asher sells her own line! Any item with Peppermint label is a Tanvi Asher original. She produces 2 in each size, and has them made in NYC! Asher also supports Shop Local Art Local. While she sells wholesale fashion + accessories, she also handpicks the jewelry + other the rad goods of various local artists. Newest member? Claire Flair by Clair Albertson. { Needless to say, I’m insanely stoked. } Like your 1st friend who ever owned a record player before vinyl evenreturned, everything Tanvi purveys in her shop, imbues the space with the funk + magic.


Beaded necklaces that display Peppermint’s variety.

Shop Peppermint Online is also a dream. Its theme transports you to a Lower East Village loft and directly into every fashion-worthy scene.


Claire Flair.
Funky + Elegant Rings from Vintage Materials.


In Store.
Pretty + shiny for spring.

This Sunday, at Good Luck Restaurant, Tanvi also debuts her Bridal Line: A | B. Asher Bridal, along with Josean Vargasand Treasure Trove Vintage, showcase the local fashion culture … I got VIP. Quick! Stop in or go online to purchase yours before they sell out!!

* * *

Shop Peppermint will always be my favorite. Not my first Rochester boutique. But my favorite. I hope you enjoy these phots from this past Friday, my most recent impromptu visit.

From Fundraising + Charity Work to Bridal + Design: I cannot wait to interview Tanvi + tell you more about  Behind the Scenes!!

Until then…


You all come back now.











Shop Local. Enjoy a Staycation!

.Vacation~y Vibes.
Me. New Mattress. Just Delivered.
Giggling like someone on vacation, right.
During Momsly’s vacation time, we couldn’t book the gorgeous, serene, restful, relaxing, beachy Lake Ontario Beach House  (LOBH) which we normally book this time of year (fingers cross’d for the Fall!), so, instead, we’re extreme stay-cationing … as though Hamlin off of the Parkway isn’t near enough. (Ooh, but at the LOBH, it feels so far.)

* * *
Keeping in time with the doesn’t-feel-so-west-side vibe which the LOBH certainly spews like foam from its waves, my mama & I crossed the river & headed there. 

1.) Bought a Mattress. So much more luxurious than it sounds. And Monroe Mattress Outletinexpensive, no frills, honest people–may as well be too, for the mattress deals you get. I can’t wait to just sit & snuggle with my new…lay? But, I’ll be sleeping so.
Seriously love Monroe Mattress Outlet & this Pillow Top Mattress.
Even sounds dreamy. AahhhI can’t wait for sleep!
2.) Main Street Brockport. We ate, we shopped, we talked. A lot. The talking: we did a lot of talking. There are some loquacious sales folk in the Village of Bport. I mean, they out-talked my mom and me… But friendly nonetheless and with j’adorable shops.
MudPie jetsetter tote.
Tre European. Heremes vibe, no.
While there are numerous cutesy places to peruse, my mom & I made purchases at an upscale boutique and a independently owned book shop. The boutique reminded me fondly of those so oft situated along Skaneatleas or Niagara on the Lake. Scarves, rings, bags, jewels, dresses. Expensive. But then I spotted this gem. (How could you miss?) 
Hermes Inspired.
Top Left, Bottom Right: Forget Me Not
Top Right, Bottom Left: Hermes via Google Images.
And how could you not buy. On-sale, fairly priced, needing a travel bag. I am in love. Hanging in my room across from my mattress where I’m currently luxuriating because both are that fabulous. Truly, I will not forget Forget Me Not.
Karen Kane Collection.
Love the chain prints!
The book shop, I could have spent hours. Neatly arranged, new book smell, old book feel. And restrooms for the public! (So convenient.) Plus, they offered free zucchini. …I smell the bread already. 
Free Zucchini & Discount Books.
What more???
Both my mom & I purchased gently used–though you could never tell–books from the stand in front, which housed the zucchs. Lift Bridge Book Shop is so cumfy & cozy, that free zucchini logs only makes sense. 
Hey, good