Fall For Your Favorite Snacks: French Fries!!




{ It’s no surprise that french fries are one of my favorite snacks, meals, medicines, + general past times of all time. But I especially find them appealing in the fall. Fall, in general, is a capital time to snack. For one – it’s #back2school, which pretty much fuels the snack industry. For two – it’s getting just a tad bit cooler, which begs us to whip-up heartier combos. }

My fall snack staples include:

  • hot coca with marshmallows
  • popcorn with evoo, salt, pepper, + a sprinkling of cheese
  • homemade french fries!

I’ll eat anyone’s french fries. But I’ve just discovered that I can fry my own! This tickles me. Before we talk recipe, check out my quick tips for all of these delectable + comforting snacks:

  • Hot Coca with Marshmallows: Healthy for your World.

I buy Fair Trade Equal Exchange cocoa mix + vegan marshmallows from Abundance Cooperative Market. The coca is more expensive. … But so is craft beer, and even I {the woman who can no longer drink beer} know it’s worth it. Plus, Fair Trade Equal Exchange ensures an “economically just and environmentally sound” world. I’m down.

  • Pop Corn: Healthy for You.

I pop my own … in a microwave! Yes. This is true. Scoop 1/2 cup of un-popped, regular kernels into a brown paper lunch bag. Micro as per usual. (I do 2.5 minutes or until the popping slows.) Pour into a bowl + season. How. Much. Fun. Is. That. … And you control the toppings. Recently, I made garlic infused butter and poured this overtop with parmesan cheese. … Instant gourmet snack, in literally 2.5 – 3 minutes.

Homemade Fried French Fries

I cannot find the recipe I used last night. It was that magical.

These are neither healthy for you nor healthy for your world (unless you buy local or organic or IPM … you get the point). But they are flippin’ fun. I recommend looking up your own recipe. (There are a ton!) Here’s my informal version and the tips + tricks I used:

  1. Ingredients + Materials – dutch oven (or huge sauce pan) | canola oil (or peanut oil – any oil with a high smoke point) | russet potatoes (most sites recommend these or any high starch potato) | paper towel | plate | salt | mesh spoon (whatever that’s called) | recommended – thermometer | optional – bowl, water, strainer
    • tips + tricks Mr. Potato Head. It’s a funny thing while stove-top frying instead of deep frying. Most recipes encourage you to buy high starch potatoes for crispy, sturdy, meaty fries.  The recipe I used last night instructed to use a high starch potato, but to draw the starch out, exactly because this is a stove-top fry. I’ll speak more to that soon. In the meantime, I say – use whatever potato you got. (Look up separate recipes for sweet potatoes.)
  2. Prep – slice potatoes to desired thickness (1/4 – 3/8 in.) | soak potatoes if doing so | if not or while potatoes drain + dry: add oil to pot + heat
    • tips + tricks Practice Safe Frying. One time my mom fried a chicken wing and almost burnt her face-off. It’s because we underestimate how much oil bubbles once something’s dropped in. IE – If you’re waiting for your oil to bubble so you can guess how hot it is … DON’T. First – make sure whatever pot you use is no more than 1/3 – 1/2 filled. Second – This is why a thermometer is highly recommended. (Goal temp: whatever your recipe says.) … I didn’t use a thermometer (because I don’t own one), + I felt comfortable eye-balling it. But I was lucky I didn’t overfill my pot with oil. Phew. Once I added those fries, it really got a bubble going.
  3. Recommendation – Add to bowl of cold water for 20 minutes. If you use a red potato, white, or new potato (low starch), try 10 – 15 minutes. This draws out the starch.
    • tips + tricks – The Starch Factor. Apparently high starch is best when frying. But, according to the recipe I used last night, high starch might not be best while stove top frying. I soaked a low starch potato, and the result was perfect. (To my taste buds.) Though I can see how it could have been crispier. Solution? Try something in between: i.e. soak, and then thoroughly dry, a high starch potato.
  4. Fry – When oil reaches frying temp, use wire mesh spoon to gently add potato slices to oil. Flip slices mid-way through. Fry for 5-6 minutes. Drain on rack or paper-towel lined plate when finished. Salt to taste.
    • tips + tricks – Give Them Their Space. Do not add too many at once – fry in batches. This ensures even coloration and crispness. If you happen to pull some before desired doneness, add them back! (Worked for me.)
  5. Rest – Most recipes call for 10-15 minute cool time. … Just don’t burn your fingers or your tongue.
    • tips + tricks – Worth It. I wasn’t that patient. But I also didn’t burn myself. Maybe clean up some of your surroundings while the fries cool. This way, your will power isn’t totally … fried.
  6. EAT – Enjoy salted and plain. As a snack or with a meal. Dress up in a cute cup. Or eat off the grease-stained plate.
    • tips + tricks – You Think You Fancy, Huh. I would include a photograph of my plated fries … except that I devoured them instead. But I did make a garlic mayo (veganaise) and pair it beside ketchup, both of which I placed in bowl and plated amongst my salty, savory, fresh french fries.

* * *

I love fall, and fall snacks might just be my favorite snacks. They’re so comfy + cozy + crispy + yum. What are your fall favs?!?



Spotlight: Eat Local – Abundance Cooperative Market.






527 South Ave

Rochester, NY

Monday – Friday: 8AM-8PM | Saturday: 9AM-7PM | Sunday: 10AM-7PM

Newly located in the South Wedge, on South Avenue, rests Abundance CooperativeMarket. If quality fashion sets trends before they’re in, Abundance–The Co-Op for short–is en vogue.  Local + Organic since 1968. The current location of Abundance was established in 2001. Since 1968, The Co-Op has supported what big stores wouldn’t. Farmers. Orchards. Diary. Local. Organic. As a cooperative, Abundance keeps business decisions local! To learn more about shareholders, visit the Abundance website.

CONVENIENTBig enough for Choice | Small enough for quick Selection

LOCALLY OWNED: Owned by Shareholders | All decisions made Locally

HISTORICAL: Local + Organic is not just a trend | Local+ Organic is a Lifestyle

CONSISTENT: Every item is: Local, Organic, Fair Trade, IPM, +/or Non-GMO



Conscious Convenience. Where else can you consume, do it quickly, and save the world? This past winter on Tuesdays + Thursdays, I drove to Greece to tutor a friend’s son. Typically, I returned to Rochester around 7pm and, undoubtedly, a midst heaps of snow. Where could I grab a quality cup of Equal Exchange Fair Trade French Roast to keep me warm + re-energize? Abundance Cooperative Market. Whether I grab one thing, or everything, I shop quickly + I shop mindfully when I shop Abundance. Need 10 more Top Reasons to Shop Abundance: Check out their list!

{EXTRA Organic Avocados + Bananas. If you can’t Buy Local, Think Global. Abundance organic avocados + bananas are regularly competitively priced. They are affordable for us, and sustainable for our world. Good for your wallet + good for our world.}

IMG_6291 IMG_6310


Like any grocery store, Abundance offers various discounts, has a prepared foods section with sit-down cafe, and Abundance sells a variety of gifts! Unlike other grocers, The Co-Op has its finger on the pulse of local events. An expansive Community Wall and targeted selection of specialty magazines tune me into sustainable activismand other social events.

“A study in 2012 found that $1000 spent in a co-op generates $1600 in a local community – that’s pretty impressive, we think.” – Chris Whitebell, Marketing Manager for Abundance Cooperative Market


Sustainable. Healthy. Affordable. Local. 4 products I will always choose through Abundance:

COFFEEEqual Exchange Fair Trade means I support coffee co-ops for the best beans + the best work environments.

MEAT – Free range. Hormone free. Local. Learn more about Standfast Farms here!

LIP BALM – Green Power + Petal Power lip balm (and hand salve) are made locally from all natural, local organic ingredients by the non-profit Rochester Roots to fund the Clara Barton Urban Farm at School No 2. To learn more, see below!

EYE GEL – Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Revitalizing Eye Gel on sale for $12.99 is less expensive + just as effective as its competitors at other grocery + drug stores.

IMG_6304 IMG_6307

Does Fair Trade coffee + hormone-free, free-range meat cost more? Sure. But they taste better, they are better for me, and they are better for my world. Just like the local wines and craft beers we regularly purchase. They’re worth it! 


Affordable Options. Walk into Abundance today, without prior knowledge of specific deals or specials, and you will still find competitively priced goods + foods. Abundance is part of the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA). This allows for competitive pricing on fair market, quality goods. Abundance abundantly provides everyday low prices, no matter what.


1. Everyday Low Prices. In addition to naturally well-priced items, Abundance has a Basics Program. This guarantees competitive prices on staple goods. From bulk to grocery to refrigerated and frozen to supplement and health and beauty, The Co-Op commits to being “shop-able” for everyone interested in the best.

2. Co Op Deals. There are also Co-Op Deals available to all shoppers! Unlike a grocery store or market’s specialty card, these deals apply to everyone. You can visit the website or in-store in print twice per month. I recommend e-news!

{ EXTRA Follow on FACEBOOK + TWITTER. Lots of deals publicized here, too! }

3. Coupons. Just like any grocery store, you can find additional manufacturer’s coupons. Abundance often leaves them out on the grocery shelves!

4. Shareholder Discounts. A Co-Operative means that the company is owned by shareholders where 1 person has 1 vote. These shareholders decide the fate of the company and store. To own your own share of Abundance, it costs $100, 1 time. Now you get extra deals! Check-out the perks:

  • one-time purchase of share for $100, no annual fee or recurring costs 

  • choose one day a month to get 10% off your purchase

  • get discounts on special orders

  • take advantage of owner-only deals 

  • share in the profits: receive possible 

  • dividend pay-outs relative to how much 

  • you spend

  • vote for candidates to join the Board of Directors at annual meetings 

  • vote on bylaw amendments and other items as proposed by the Board of Directors

  • run to be elected to the Board of Directors 

  • volunteer for further discounts on your purchases 

  • help build a stronger local economy and community

The Expensive Items? They also exist. Here’s the best part. You’re not paying for advertising and packaging. You’re paying because you’re changing. From environmental to economical to societal issues: your money is an agent of change. Still too much? No worries. Choose another item. All grocery stores have a vast range of prices that we choose or choose not to buy. At Abundance, an abundance of options exists.


{ EXTRA Interested in CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is an inexpensive + easy way to eat produce from and directly support our local farms! Peacework Farm CSA was at Abundance the day I visited. Greg Palmer is a farmer here. I felt humbled to meet 1 man responsible for providing us an abundance of healthful food. }


IMG_6308{ EXTRA Abundance hosts + partakes in numerous events. Check out these 2 important sustainability + awareness events for next week!! THURSDAY 4/24 – ROCHESTER ROOTS | SATURDAY 4/26 – EARTH DAY BIRTHDAY }



Rochester Roots. Green Power + Petal Power hand salve + lip balm are all-natural, locally made Rochester Roots beauty products from the organic Clara Barton Urban Farm. Proceeds raise funds for this bare-field-turned-sustainable-farm that is also a teaching tool. Who. Knew.

Who knew about Rochester Roots?? This non-profit, run by Jan MacDonald (who took over from founder Allison Clark) innovates community food systems. In partnership with Rochester Roots, Clara Barton (teacher at School No. 2) is developing an 8 week Sustainability Curriculum. Who. Knew.

Abundance Cooperative Market knows. Abundance invests in and teaches you.



Abundance abundantly supports our local and our global economies. Daily, it can support you. We can support Abundance.

Thank you to Abundance Cooperative Market and Marketing Manager Chris Whitebell for interview + tour!