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Not Your Typical Barbara Ellen: Take 1

I Woke Up Like Dis.

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I’ll Know My Song Well Before I Start Singin’,”

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Which Monster are You?? Vampires, Werewolves, + Witches … oh my.

{ Eve tattoo by Karrah Teague at Lucky Lotus Tattoo.}


vampires + werewolves + witches, oh my


{ I had a migraine this weekend that failed to leave me at peace. It hit in waves + knocked me out several times throughout Friday + Saturday. I missed literally every tip + trick + treat I suggested for this weekend … boo to that … . Well – I did make it to Lux. I also made it to ORBS to celebrate a friend’s new job + Mint Salon for the freshy-fresh on my curls. The weekend wasn’t fully lost, but it did get me thinking about the monster–or monsters–that live inside of me … . }

Folklore + fairytales exist as cautionary tales. Moral + practical guides to life where, the end-game, is: a) fit-in + b) survive. I’m no folklore aficionado. Not even my enthusiasm for Hocus Pocus (full movie guys!!) grants me expert status. But I do know that just as much as they can feed-on our humanity, they actually feed it as well.

Like talismans, folklore + fairytales help us cope + conquer the complex, dark layers of our existence.

So the question remains … which monster are you??


Lux Lounge – 666 South Avenue.


These simple motifs reveal how folklore translates to daily life lessons … ones that never die.

  1. A Vampire cannot come in unless he or she is invited.
    modern equivalent: Don’t take candy from a stranger.
    translation: Stranger Danger. Don’t invite strangers into your personal space, even if they look innocent, needy, or tempting.
  2. It’s really hard for a Vampire or a Werewolf to control or curb his or her cravings for blood + flesh, but is necessary in order to maintain some semblance of humanity.
    modern equivalent: McDonald’s. Cocaine. Sex.
    translation: DARE. Don’t do drugs–or engage in addictive behaviors–when it risks controlling you.
  3. Witches are devil worshippers and consorts.
    modern equivalent: Woman are winey sluts who cannot be trusted, are disreputable, and unreliable.
    translation: Sexism. It’s pervasive and insidious. It turns entire societies, comprised of men + women + children, against any woman who deviates from societal norms and expectations, especially if this woman is powerful { … or enchanting … }.

monsters + humanity


Count Barbara – Avoiding daylight.

In very mundane, worldly ways, anyone can relate to all of these monsters. In fact, our monsters are the actual keys to unlocking our humanity.


Here are a few of my own comparisons.

  1. Vampires
    A. Vampires cannot go into the daylight.
    Me – When I have migraines … daylight destroys me.
    B. Vampires have an insatiable craving for blood.
    Me – I have an insatiable craving for water. My body shuts-down quicker than others when I can’t have it. When I get it, I drink it so fast, it guzzles down my chin and chest. I swear, I can almost sniff it out.
    C. Vampires are strong + sexy + wear dark lipstick.
    Me – Me too.
  2. Werewolves
    A. Werewolves transform every month.
    Me – Every single month, my body doesn’t just change. It transforms. Boobs? I mean, I don’t even recognize them. Then there’s the pain. My insides feel like a corkscrew. I am both bewildered + angry. Every single month.
    B. Werewolves are affected by the moon.
    Me – I have full-on full moon syndrome. That shit makes my life crazy, every single time. {Maybe because I drink so much water, who even knows.}
    C. Werewolves are big dogs. Kind of.
    Me – I love to cuddle + shunggle dogs. They are extra perceptive of my moods.
  3. Witches
    A. Witches use energy to heal.
    Me – I believe in, study, and practice using energy through Chakras, meditation, acupuncture, + yoga. {It works.}
    B. Witches are very intuitive + listen to their primal instincts.
    Me – Everyone should trust their gut. Not listening to your instincts is one of the most dangerous things you can do to yourself.
    C. Witches don’t give a fuck what you think.
    Me – I don’t give a fuck what you think, in the most empowering of ways of course.

Halloween is just 5 days away. Get in touch with your inner-monster before a new soul year begins on All Saints’ Day/Day of the Dead November 1.




Barbara Ellen Shops Local.

We’re Shopping Local.

Above: Shop Local at Antiques, Heirlooms & Art in Canandaigua, NY.

Sweater: $5 Leather Boots: $25 Slip: $8 Vintage ’50’s Dress: $35

Hey Guys!

Shop Local has always been a dominant theme on Barbara Ellen blogs. All of them. (Baby: Big Sister: That’s because Shop Local is Rochester, NY. Shop Local is unique. Shop Local is sustainable. Shop Local is economical. Shop Local is affordable. Shop Local is our city. Shop Local is the #roc in Rochester, NY.

So, it’s time for us to support Shop Local! Every Day. Every single day. Shop Local isn’t just birthdays and festivals and other special occasions. Shop Local is a lifestyle. Shop Local is a convenient, affordable, individual lifestyle. With this blog, I will share, discuss, celebrate, capture, depict, and discover Shop Local, around Rochester, NY, and #shoplocal only! < Don’t worry. You can still find my musings–mental health, fashion/style, spiritual, and otherwise–on Tumblr: {It’s pretty + it’s wise + it’s slightly edgy.}> I cannot wait to hear from all of you about your own #shoplocal favs and finds, tricks and tips!! Please share them all! … Like right now, below. Comment. Post. Share!

Why do you #shoplocal?

< I’ll Begin >

  • I Shop Local because it supports incredibly talented, often lesser-known, artists and entrepreneurs in our community. I Shop Local because these artists and entrepreneurs often use more sustainable processes and materials to create a product that is way more unique than any major retailer’s. I Shop Local because great gifts and great style always have great stories! I Shop Local because, given a choice, I will always support Rochester, NY and our community, first.
  • You Shop Local because…

Can’t wait to Shop Local with you!



Editorial. Why Don’t We Talk About Suicide? Mental Health as a Buzz Word.

Mental Health as a Buzz Word.

I wrote this article earlier this week in response to the media swell in the aftermath of Jacintha Sladanha, the nurse who committed suicide following the now infamous prank phone call. It was published by Technorati yesterday evening where you can read it by clicking on the link. The only part I will publish on this blog is the Post Script, which comes at the article’s end.

At Eternity’s Gate. Vincent Van Gogh.
(From Google Images.)

Post Script: This article was written prior to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, CT and therefore does not seek to comment upon the themes of suicide, gun control, and mental health in relation to this tragedy even as they may relate. The author does not feel comfortable publishing analysis upon this event at this time and seeks only to mourn the young lives and beautiful families of those lost and involved.

♥ .