’30’s are Weird … Pt. II .


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Pt. II .

{ Thirties. Right now, as we speak, the biological age of “The ’30’s” — I apologize, in advance, if anyone perceived this to be about the 1930’s, which really wasn’t that weird … but almost equally as tragic — is a true Phenomena. International, Technological, Cultural, Economical, Political: being ’30 during the latter teens of the Millennium is quite harrowing + requires the emergence of a completely new Cultural Identity. }

This is a 3 Part Post : 30 Reasons Our Thirties, in 2017, are Weird. As F.
I will publish in 3 installments — possibly a week apart, possibly more. { I can’t say. I’m a confused 30-something: give me some space. } Whilst reading, you will either completely relate, + I will give Voice to our Unidentified Generation. Or — possibly And — you will deem me crazy. With outdated cultural references, an over-reliance on “Mean Girls,” shoddy extended metaphors, an illegible Writing Voice { hey I’m not gonna’ change that }, and someone who is clearly incredibly neurotic + insecure about her ’30’s. … But hey, at least I can admit it.

Cont’d. from Part I { posted Wed., 4.26.2017 }

Thirty Reason your Thirties, in 2017, are Weird. AF. 

In condescending order of importance.

“It’s so new, in fact, that most boomerang kids and their parents are still struggling to make sense of it. Is living with your parents a sign, as it once was, of failure? Or is it a practical, long-term financial move?,” -Adam Davidson, “New York Times”

20. Non-Trendy TrendsettersEmerging Adulthood : The previous post used some Logic / “logic proof” to contextualize Emerging Adulthood. { #29 … if you can get through that, we are bff. } The real irony is that ’30-somethings have the responsibility of setting a new trend. Think about it this way:

  • Fact. ’30-somethings are NOT trendy. I’m sorry, we can’t try to take this from the 2nd-half Millennials. We just need to know when is when, and what is fleek is fleek.
  • Truth. … And yet. It is True that the ’30’s need some New Life. New Voice. New Perspective. New Benchmarks. (#21)
  • Conundrum. So, what?? It’s up to the non-trendy to … set the new trend?

I do NOT got this. If you do — let. me. know.

19.  Boomerang Generation. This is a confusing time in our history, and definitely messes with the cultural identity of ’30-somethings. Read link to understand.

18. Marriage. Nope!

17. Kids. Also no.

If you’re a 30-something who is married, or on their way, or who has had children, or is on their way — hell, if you’re a ’20-something who has : this post does not apply.

16. Where do we sit at the bar?? Obviously, with our friends.

But, where do we actually want to sit? Is it weird if we end up near a group of ’20-somethings + don’t mind it. Does it mean we’re living in our past?? Are we still weirded-out if we sit near obviously older-somethings: say — gasp! — ’40’s, even though we’re now older?

  • Don’t pretend like you haven’t wondered this.
  • We’re all imagining Cady Heron’s drawing of her HS cafeteria. And please be impressed that this is my 3rd  4th “Mean Girls” reference …

15.  OMG. Are we still allowed to say this??

I mean actually say — Oh. Em. Gee — or is that “beneath” us. But we’re still allowed to type it right? … This technology revolution is confusing. It is messing with our development. TBH IRL #icannoteven b/c IDEK. <– Wave of our Future Language, PS.

14. 401K + Projecting. This matters. And yet … will we actually be able to retire?

We grew-up with Enron + Madoff: we know that companies can just lose our money. So … do we continue to invest in our 401K’s because this is what people do … or do we learn from history and redefine this? That’s a large-charge.

  • TBH. This isn’t just our battle.
  • But also. … Doesn’t it feel like we need to spearhead it?

13. Organized Hobbies. I’m lost.

It was cool + normal to have organized hobbies — i.e. kickball — in your ’20’s. And it’s totally badass to join an Artist’s Guild or a Rec Soccer League in your ’40’s: it’s a resurgence, a Renaissance of sorts. But, in your ’30’s, unless you’re an actually >> good << artist + unless you’re like vying for semi-pro sports … doesn’t it feel weird to engage in organized hobbies? It’s like brandishing to the world —


Which, is fine. But I’d like some actual slogan / identity to cling to as I throw all convention into the toilet that I rent, and do not own.

12. “Dating.” Not only does every age-range within every Generation have a different definition for this … 

But also, so does every human on the face of the planet. Check-it:

  1. Teens have … high school. Even neighboring high schools, if you’re daring.
  2. Early-Twenty-Somethings have … college. Or their friends’ colleges.
  3. All Twenty-Somethings have … the bar. And apparently Tinder, and Bumble, … and Sea Plenty of FishIt’s not creepy yet!
  4. ’40+ Somethings have … internet dating. It seems super appropriate + successful for that demographic.
  5. … ’30-somethings. … Look, I get that ’30-somethings have the bar, Tinder, Bumble, + Plenty of Fish too. … It just feels more acceptable in your ’20’s. So cheers to my ’30-something friends who are crushing it.

Not sure this is “appropriate” ’30’s attire … and also not sure I care?

11. Fashion. Fash.

I forever shop at Forever21 … even though I’m not 21. { “Forever” is the brand name for a reason … . } I definitely #ShopLocal. It’s not so much — I dunno where to buy clothes. It’s that — I dunno what to f-ing wear. Somewhere between >> s8er hoody and full-on blazer << there’s a healthy ’30’-something medium. I struggle to find it.

Brain / Life Cramp, Again.

{ That is it, again, for now. Tune in for Pt. III — it continues to get way more relatable, and just a bit more academic. … Talk soon. }

{ because , always }