This is Why We Thrift.

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Morgan Delapa - owner of Treasure Trove Vintage.

Morgan Delapa – owner of Treasure Trove Vintage.

{ RECAP: This week I went thrift shopping with Morgan DeLapa, owner of Treasure Trove Vintage, and her mama, Honey, photographer + owner of DeLapa Photography. They showed me the ropes + shared < most > of their trade secrets. (I still don’t know how Morgan finds her incredible vintage pieces, and that’s exactly why she has a boutique!) While I won’t “thrift + tell” the secrets they did divulge, this post shares 2 thrifty sources + 3 reasons to thrift on your own. The loot I cashed-in on??? Less than $35. Take a look! }


  • 2 sweatshirts
  • 1 chunky sweater coat
  • 1 sunflower cropped tank
  • 1 suede, satin, embellished vest
  • 1 romper (Forever21)
  • 1 skirt, tags-still-on (Zara)
  • 2 pairs of flats (1 brand name, 1 designer couture)

get your thrift on: this is why we thrift

  1. On Trend. I’m more a classics girl, myself. But when I find super trendy items for less than $5, I am about that single-season-wear. I want it. The on trend pieces from this thrifty trip??
    • cropped sweatshirt – wear it daily
    • suede + satin embellished vest – cannot wait to debut
    • sunflower cropped tank – welcome back ’90’s
    • romper – my 1st romp with ‘er
  2. Designer on a Dime. I don’t buy designer. I actually don’t care … and I can’t afford. But, when it’s designer for less than $50, let alone less than $5–well, that’s just smarts. And, it’s bragging rights:
    • $3, Zara beaded skirt, tags still on – $140 originally
    • $2.50, Joan & David couture, handmade in Italy leather loafers – $350+ estimated 
  3. Sustainability. Thrift shopping sustains 3 main stakes. When you thrift shop you:

I think we also thrift for the sheer excitement of finding exactly what we want for about 90% less than we normally pay. Some people thrift for the thrill + others, for the romance. Regardless, as you set fourth on your new thrift, take every single cue you can get from these 2 Rochester bloggers.





Handmade Joan & David Loafers. ... And my thighs.

Handmade Joan & David Loafers.   thrifty sources


Simply SarahFollow her on Instagram, Like her on Facebook, + Check out the website. Shit-you-not: once your jealousy over her insanely satiable finds subsides, you’ll remember to feel happy. Because this woman tells you what is up in the world of fashion thrifts + home finds.

The Treasure Trove. Okay! Rouse is up. You, too, can figure out < most > of Morgan’s secrets without accompanying her on a thrifting trip. Follow the blog, Double tap both Instagrams (personal and store), + Like Treasure Trove Vintage on Facebook, to … I hate to admit it … thwart my chances of buying up her entire boutique.

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And tell me, please … Why do you thrift??




Love. Bobs & Jars: Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim, Refurbish, Relove, Refabulous.

Sometimes you buy the lotion because it comes in a really nice glass jar. Or because it’s housed in this huge tub that feels luxurious when you dip your fingers in and looks snug while sitting in your cabinet. I mean, when so many of the same products make the same promises with negligible differences, why not go off packaging? That’s what you’re paying for. …

So why not reuse the packaging.
Silver bells & Cockleshells.
Promise you won’t feel contrary toward these 8 ideas.

In this post, I show you 8 ways to use 2 different everyday packaging products to make your life simpler &, well, more creativeAnd, of course, to make our Earth healthier.

Rules of Thumb?

1. When you find a glass jar. Particularly a glass tub. Keep it. Only good can come. If–if–you’re going to toss it. Toss it into the recycling bin.
2. Not sure if you’re on Pinterest. (…Still locked out.) But if you haven’t noticed, Mason Jars–and all things resembling–are in. In in in. They will always be in. Or if not in, at least useful. Save your glass jars, people. Save them.
3. Cosmetics packaging? Hm. Expensive. And ah. Beautiful. Why waste? You can definitely work it. Believe.

Recycle. Reuse. Refabulous.
Back Row:
St. Ive’s Collagen Elastin Facial Lotion: Tub. Wegman’s Organic Salsa: Glass Jar.
Front Row: Aldi’s Lacura Face Cream: Glass Jar. Sephora Instant Moisturizer:
Glass Jar. Vichy Night Cream: Glass Jar.

How to Use?

1. Glass Jars:

If it’s Mason-like: Bevis. Teas, Cognacs, Wines, Water. It’s sand & heat & retail’s naturally made tumblr all for us to enjoy. Second thought: candles. Stick one in & burn it down. Candles. Third: flowers. Center piece, done.

If it’s jar-like: Homemade body scrubs. You will see above, in the Lacura brand (love it!) tub, I concocted a brown-sugar body scrub. Completely edible. Great for rough lips. Super simple to make. (Find the recipe I use here at The Beauty Department.) My fav way to use is on tender legs right after a shave. The brown sugar is gentle enough to remove any lingering skin bits & the Extra Virgin, extra moisturizing. Plus, when it’s glass, it looks especially elegant perched on the shower shelf.

I also like to keep a spot of EVOO in my Sephora jar. Right bedside the bedstand. Paired with a Q-tip & nothing more, this once empty jar becomes my nighttime solution to dried & cracked & ripped cuticles. I beg you to find a less expensive & more effective solution than this.

Mini-glass jars: Travel. Trust. So long as the packaging uses thicker glass–which it will; no company wants their goods breaking or cracking during shipping & stocking–and so long as it’s not too heavy, use it to pack. My micro-mini Vichy jar is a great travel token for jewelry, like earrings, and even vitamins when I have 0 room in space and weight for a clunky container. Just be sure of 1 thing: if it originally packaged lotion, wash it right before traveling with anything else. 

If it’s Food-like: Other food. The Wegman’s jar above is a great example of both Mason-like and, well, Food-like. If I don’t want to drink out of this, I can absolutely store pasta sauce in it. The heat won’t affect its constitution. And the lid will secure tightly. Presto!

2. Plastic:

Large, Medium, or Small: Body scrubs, of course. These things were made for oils & bits of granulated scrubbies. Just rinse well between each use.

Travel: Jewels, jewels, & more jewels. Especially with a hefty tub that many of the St. Ive’s lotions & scrubs come in. From chunky bracelets to chained necklaces to dainty earrings. These tubs not only help you travel, but also, they help you accessorize in that packed/not-quite-so-packed stage.

* * *
Aside from being cute & trendy & creative. You should reuse these bobs & jars because, well, why not? Resourcefulness is so underrated these days. Not only will you save some money in buying totes or plastic bags or luggage accessories. But perhaps most importantly, you really will save our natural resources from being depleted. That can only be ridiculously good. If anything.
* * *
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