Bloggers Closet Yard Sale: 11-4 THIS Saturday!


11-4 SAT 5/31





“Fashion. #ShopLocal. Giving Back.”

~Jenny Sanzo, Event Organizer

WHO: Organizer + Brain Child Jenny Sanzo of The Flower City Fashionista

WHAT: Shop Local. Eat Local. Shop the closets of your fav bloggers and social media enthusiasts  + Shop Rochester’s fav artisans and boutiques + Eat some seriously sweet treats. (See below.)

WHERE: Rochester Brainery at The Village Gate

WHEN: Saturday, 5/31. 11-4.

WHY: Fundraiser to support Shop Local + your closet without breaking the wallet

First Annual Closet Bloggers Yard Sale

~Everything You Love … in 1 Extravaganza~

I. CANNOT. WAIT. Jenny’s event combines every single last thing I love about Shop Local in Rochester, NY. Community. Food. Boutique. Fashion. Bloggers. Social Media. Fundraising. Rochester Brainery. Take a moment to absorb this. Not only will incredible fashion present itself at hugely discounted prices, but so will opportunities to #shoplocal from Rochester’s most talented artisans and boutiques:

Pretty sweet. And BCYS has you covered on that, too. #EatLocal:

I’m not sure my mind or body knows how to prepare myself for the fabulosity to ensue. I will start by preparing my own clothing + booth! Thank you Jenny, thank you above sponsors, thank you #shoplocal #eatlocal businesses. And thank you Rochester for coming out to #Roc this Closet Yard Sale.


Fraction of what I will Donate + Sell!

See you there!!





Sustainability + Activism: Why Shop Local?

(Above: Danielle Ponder of Danielle Ponder and The Tomorrow People live at The Bug Jar, 4/5.)





Magix is why we Shop Local. Magix, a unique clothing boutique that sold an affordable and eclectic array of designer, boutique, and vintage items, was located on South Avenue, directly across from Thread, in the heart of the South Wedge shopping district. I discovered Magix during my 2nd Southwedgeucation. Southwedgeucation–you know–City Newspaper’s  late summer evening that buzzes with shoppers, strollers, businesses, food trucks, bars, music shops, boutiques, and more to celebrate the South Wedge . A September evening that bustles with the volume and energy every single other weekday night, certainly weekend, should generate. I found Magix. I found glass beads straight from Ghana. I found vintage and thrifted items. And shamefully, even I–the Shop Local Campaigner–even I seldom returned. Magix, which closed this past July, might have closed for any number of reasons. But it’s safe to surmise it was due to a lack of awareness. A lack of Shop Local know-how. Every single person I revealed the magic to about Magix? None had been before. Not necessarily because we don’t know. Because it’s not familiar.


Don’t let habit dictate your Shop Local. Habit. What is habit? Most habits are bad, no? Habit is the unthinking actions we ascribe tendencies and routines because we either have to (brushing teeth), we don’t think about it (tapping fingers), or we need to cope (smoking).

Why let shopping–why let life–be just another habit.

Make shopping and living a conscious action. Think about it. Shop Local is still convenient. It’s just that Shop Local is also conscious. Shop Local is affordable. Shop Local is unique. Shop Local is activism.


The Shop Local Campaign in Rochester, NY is sustainability. Shop Local is sustainable for entrepreneurs. Shop Local is sustainable for community development. Shop Local is sustainable for cultural identity. Shop Local is sustainable for individual budgets. Shop Local is sustainable because it preservers local talent and nurtures sustained growth. (See Go Buy Rochester’s explanation of the Multiplier Effect.)

Why not turn your consumerism into activism?

Shop Local in Rochester, NY for your every single day needs, every single day. This is why we Shop Local. So that good things–quality businesses with character, that enhance our cultural identity and work with our daily budgets–so that good things stay alive. So that they thrive. So that we thrive.

And don’t just #shoplocal…




Danielle Ponder and The Tomorrow People Saturday, April 5 at Bug Jar. Incredible Local Music venue. Watch for review on Liana Gabel’s “Rest and Heal” album. Saw her too. Loved it!


(watch me to watch some seriously good music)


Know a good spot? Have a cool routine? Please share!






Barbara Ellen Shops Local.

We’re Shopping Local.

Above: Shop Local at Antiques, Heirlooms & Art in Canandaigua, NY.

Sweater: $5 Leather Boots: $25 Slip: $8 Vintage ’50’s Dress: $35

Hey Guys!

Shop Local has always been a dominant theme on Barbara Ellen blogs. All of them. (Baby: Big Sister: That’s because Shop Local is Rochester, NY. Shop Local is unique. Shop Local is sustainable. Shop Local is economical. Shop Local is affordable. Shop Local is our city. Shop Local is the #roc in Rochester, NY.

So, it’s time for us to support Shop Local! Every Day. Every single day. Shop Local isn’t just birthdays and festivals and other special occasions. Shop Local is a lifestyle. Shop Local is a convenient, affordable, individual lifestyle. With this blog, I will share, discuss, celebrate, capture, depict, and discover Shop Local, around Rochester, NY, and #shoplocal only! < Don’t worry. You can still find my musings–mental health, fashion/style, spiritual, and otherwise–on Tumblr: {It’s pretty + it’s wise + it’s slightly edgy.}> I cannot wait to hear from all of you about your own #shoplocal favs and finds, tricks and tips!! Please share them all! … Like right now, below. Comment. Post. Share!

Why do you #shoplocal?

< I’ll Begin >

  • I Shop Local because it supports incredibly talented, often lesser-known, artists and entrepreneurs in our community. I Shop Local because these artists and entrepreneurs often use more sustainable processes and materials to create a product that is way more unique than any major retailer’s. I Shop Local because great gifts and great style always have great stories! I Shop Local because, given a choice, I will always support Rochester, NY and our community, first.
  • You Shop Local because…

Can’t wait to Shop Local with you!



Shop Local. Diners, Deschanels, and Dives.

How does Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives relate to Zooey Deschanel??? Aside from both being deliciously bold & uniquely baller? Well … consider a local Rochester, NY hotdog joint & an unconventional boutique. Maybe the two-toned Fu Man Fieri & bright eyed Indie babe Deschanel could go in-sies:
Diners, Deschanels, and Dives.
Let’s do this.
Guy Fieri.
Twit Pic.
Zooey Deschanel.Twit Pic.

The other night, I got lil’ bit carried away. Or lazy. (Perspective.) While trolling ’round the internet figuring out how to increase my blog traffic (…there’s a lot more to this than recording your thoughts and Instagram-ing some phots, apparently), I happened upon Triple D, as Guy likes to say, … and never turned it off.
Homemade burritos, original BBQ, Salvadorian food, and hotdogs.
Hot. Dogs. Grilled & crisp. Custom dressed. Hot dogs. I had to have. I mean, I don’t even like hotdogs. Okay, take me to a ball game, I’m down. Grill me one up, I eat. So let’s put it this way. … I don’t crave hotdogs. Ever. (And Rochester, NY got some pretty good hots. Among other specialities, ‘s kinda our thing.)
So after my TV pig-out on Monday, ’round 10PM (when the new episodes air), I got a hankering. Craving. Longing. Aching. …Don’t pretend like you don’t know. And until some foodie-techie-god invents the TV which instantly serves your favorite TV show dishes, these tastes typically go unsatisfied. But this one was just too great. Lucky for me, I just live just a few streets from Monroe Avenue. Enter …
Pit Bull & Sweet Potato Fries.
Dog Town. Monroe & Oxford. Rochester, NY.
Truly. I cannot say enough about the culinary creations this surprisingly visually appealing hole-in-the-wall, at the end of Oxford & Monroe, cooks-up. For one, they use Martusciello’s bread. You might not be from the West Side, but you probably know what this means. (For those who don’t. Go. Bomber. Cannoli. Bread. Do. It.) For two, to understand, you just have to devour their menu, check-out some cute doggy pics (which line their walls), & eat-in or take-out
They even have vegetarian options! With names of hots which range from killer cities–Cincinnati Red Dog and Chicago Bull Dog–to cuddly pups–Bernese Mountain Dog, Pit Bull, Boston Terrier (a fraction)–you will find that picking just one is harder than plucking from the litter.
After being raised with a pit, being soul mates with another pit, & currently living with my roommate and her pit, I chose the Pit Bull Dog. You got sauteed peppers, onions, BBQ sauce, Dog Town Sauce.
* * *
Thank you, Triple D–Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives–and Guy Fieri for inspiring this tantalizing treat for my taste buds. I owe you one. Oh and also, you should probably come to this place.
Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives/Deschanel Combo
How’s my girl Zooey tie-in? Um. Classiest/bangingest dress I own.  (See above. See below.) So vintage-Indie-hipster, know Zooey’s kind of jel. And it’s work apropos. And it’s drinks approved. And it’s from a unique boutiqueRight across the street from DT.
* * *
Fav Dress. Zooey-Esque.
I cannot do 668 on the Avenue justice in just this post. Imposs. Just like we can’t do DogTown hot dogs justice until you go on & get one … or 8. Basically, you need to know that Archimage is like no other shop in Rochester and truly, reminds me namely of gift shops I’ve seen ’round BK neighborhoods like Park Slope & Clinton Hill.
Zooey Dress. Fox Image Campaign.
Take from Twitter via Instagram.
Fashion for the Contentious-Minded Fashionista.
Their clothing is comprable to Anthro & has prices like Target. Someday I will photograph for you all the pieces I own. And all that I wished I owned…
Their jewelry mimes Forever21, oftener with better quality. …I got my prom jewelry here! But also just as trendy. And certainly more one-of-a-kind.
Dress Required a Slip.
Vintage from Mom.
Stuck for a Gift?
Let’s talk toy shop. Old fashioned. New fangled. Multi-Award Winning. Something out of Diagon Alley, without the wizarding bobs. Though I’m sure you could find those, too. What you deff will find are finger puppets for toddlers. Bacon wallets for hipsters. And wooden snakes for old school young-at-heart-sters. It’s like 3 walls of odds ‘n’ things. But you get lost for hours and more.
Birthday, Anniversary, Weddings
Asian pottery. Crafted wind-chimes & instruments. Silver Celtic & Asian inspired jewelry. Throws & scarves & clothes made of recycled and/or natural materials.
Stressed, Spiritual, Neither, Both.
Archimage will help you unwind. Incense. Candles. Lotions. Tibetan Singing Bowls. After almost 30 years of biz, this staff is knowledgeable & reliable.
Promise a separate post just on this beaut with pics & pics & pics galore. Until then … You don’t have to park on Monroe Ave. Hit up Oxford Square  (parking lot right off Oxford before Monroe/check out this Roc blog I just found!!!) or Oxford Street itself & bring your wallet. You will find more than you bargained for.
And that’s a great thing.
* * *
So whatchya’ say Guy & Zooey 
Cool & Hip combo, no.
* * *
View of DogTown Sign, Monroe Ave, Oxford Square.
Rochester, NY.
Diners, Deschanels, and Dives.




Shop Local. Enjoy a Staycation!

.Vacation~y Vibes.
Me. New Mattress. Just Delivered.
Giggling like someone on vacation, right.
During Momsly’s vacation time, we couldn’t book the gorgeous, serene, restful, relaxing, beachy Lake Ontario Beach House  (LOBH) which we normally book this time of year (fingers cross’d for the Fall!), so, instead, we’re extreme stay-cationing … as though Hamlin off of the Parkway isn’t near enough. (Ooh, but at the LOBH, it feels so far.)

* * *
Keeping in time with the doesn’t-feel-so-west-side vibe which the LOBH certainly spews like foam from its waves, my mama & I crossed the river & headed there. 

1.) Bought a Mattress. So much more luxurious than it sounds. And Monroe Mattress Outletinexpensive, no frills, honest people–may as well be too, for the mattress deals you get. I can’t wait to just sit & snuggle with my new…lay? But, I’ll be sleeping so.
Seriously love Monroe Mattress Outlet & this Pillow Top Mattress.
Even sounds dreamy. AahhhI can’t wait for sleep!
2.) Main Street Brockport. We ate, we shopped, we talked. A lot. The talking: we did a lot of talking. There are some loquacious sales folk in the Village of Bport. I mean, they out-talked my mom and me… But friendly nonetheless and with j’adorable shops.
MudPie jetsetter tote.
Tre European. Heremes vibe, no.
While there are numerous cutesy places to peruse, my mom & I made purchases at an upscale boutique and a independently owned book shop. The boutique reminded me fondly of those so oft situated along Skaneatleas or Niagara on the Lake. Scarves, rings, bags, jewels, dresses. Expensive. But then I spotted this gem. (How could you miss?) 
Hermes Inspired.
Top Left, Bottom Right: Forget Me Not
Top Right, Bottom Left: Hermes via Google Images.
And how could you not buy. On-sale, fairly priced, needing a travel bag. I am in love. Hanging in my room across from my mattress where I’m currently luxuriating because both are that fabulous. Truly, I will not forget Forget Me Not.
Karen Kane Collection.
Love the chain prints!
The book shop, I could have spent hours. Neatly arranged, new book smell, old book feel. And restrooms for the public! (So convenient.) Plus, they offered free zucchini. …I smell the bread already. 
Free Zucchini & Discount Books.
What more???
Both my mom & I purchased gently used–though you could never tell–books from the stand in front, which housed the zucchs. Lift Bridge Book Shop is so cumfy & cozy, that free zucchini logs only makes sense. 
Hey, good