Shop Local Rochester: Park + Shop.

{ Metro Justice Alternative Fair! }






{ I want to hear everyone’s Shop Local Black Friday + Small Business Saturday stories!! I’ll be perfectly honest … I did not make it out for either! And that’s okay, because #ShopLocalRoc is really about shopping local all times of year … Oh, and there’s 3.5 weeks until Christmas, for those who count. }

parking meme

Look familiar?? My parking lot anxiety begins:

  • before I leave for the mall
  • once I get there + see the mall parking lot
  • and once I circle three times before re-remembering how much I dislike the mall

{ I said it. }


Top 3 reasons Parking Local is super simple, non-threatening, + friendly.

  1. Familiar Places
  2. Quick Walk
  3. Promise you Won’t Have to Parallel

I’ll be real – I enjoy a good parallel. { I also have an incredibly tiny car. } But, you don’t have to parallel park do when driving to your fav local store. Let’s talk:

  1. Familiar Places – Did you know the next 2 weekends there are Fairs, Craft Festivals, + Bazaars?! Many of these are hosted in the most familiar spots to us, including: churches, museums, + Village Gate. Parking spaces?? Yes. Over-crowding? … Not as bad as the mall.
  2. Quick Walk – Which brings us to #2. Even if spaces, like Village Gate, feel over-crowded: a friendly and nearby side street awaits your arrival. Trickiest part?? Read the signs correctly. (They’re phrased in-the-negative, so use those brain reasoning skills … and use the other parkers as a guide!)

In fact, the best part about #ShopLocal means … not driving at all! If you or a friend lives close, grab the bike or your fav walking shoes + enjoy a late-fall stroll.

3.  Promise you Won’t Have to Parallel – Here’s a tip in case you do { lower your passenger-side       side-window so you can see the curb – works like a charm! }. But, truly, unless you’re intent on                 getting the primo spot that no one else can { which, granted, is tempting } you won’t have to                     parallel. Drive to the next side-street. Your walk is still shorter { and probably less windy! } than the           mall or big plaza.

#Roc the holiday the next 2 weekends

1. Metro Justice: Alternative Fair – First Unitarian Church of Rochester { S. Winton near East Ave! }

  • Saturday + Sunday, December, 5th + 6th

2. Genesee Center for the Arts + Education: WinterCraft – GCAE { Monroe Ave near Oxford + the Inner Loop! }

  • Saturday, Dec 6th: 12PM-3PM

3. Rochester Brainery: Holiday Brainery Bazaar presented by Yelp Shops Local! – Village Gate { Between University + Main (Circle St.)! }

  • Saturday + Sunday, December 13th + 14th

Look Good, Feel Good:
I cannot wait to see you there!

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Bloggers Closet Yard Sale: 11-4 THIS Saturday!


11-4 SAT 5/31





“Fashion. #ShopLocal. Giving Back.”

~Jenny Sanzo, Event Organizer

WHO: Organizer + Brain Child Jenny Sanzo of The Flower City Fashionista

WHAT: Shop Local. Eat Local. Shop the closets of your fav bloggers and social media enthusiasts  + Shop Rochester’s fav artisans and boutiques + Eat some seriously sweet treats. (See below.)

WHERE: Rochester Brainery at The Village Gate

WHEN: Saturday, 5/31. 11-4.

WHY: Fundraiser to support Shop Local + your closet without breaking the wallet

First Annual Closet Bloggers Yard Sale

~Everything You Love … in 1 Extravaganza~

I. CANNOT. WAIT. Jenny’s event combines every single last thing I love about Shop Local in Rochester, NY. Community. Food. Boutique. Fashion. Bloggers. Social Media. Fundraising. Rochester Brainery. Take a moment to absorb this. Not only will incredible fashion present itself at hugely discounted prices, but so will opportunities to #shoplocal from Rochester’s most talented artisans and boutiques:

Pretty sweet. And BCYS has you covered on that, too. #EatLocal:

I’m not sure my mind or body knows how to prepare myself for the fabulosity to ensue. I will start by preparing my own clothing + booth! Thank you Jenny, thank you above sponsors, thank you #shoplocal #eatlocal businesses. And thank you Rochester for coming out to #Roc this Closet Yard Sale.


Fraction of what I will Donate + Sell!

See you there!!