Some Love

Work Hard. Have Fun. Eat Great! Gluten-free donuts from The Red Fern. #eatlocal #writeon

Know when someone gets it?

Barbara Ellen gets it faster.

Handcrafted with Love. My writing is an act of love. Love only works when it is authentic, and authenticity is the only trait worthy of being inked on a page forever. Let Barbara Ellen find this authenticity, better.

Body of work.

Evolve + Evlove. Evolution is a natural, beautiful, + complex animal. It’s no wonder my writing continues to evolve! Blogging about Shop Local is something I do differently than in the past. Why??

  1. Write-On. I’m freelancing! Interested in working together? Let’s talk! Shoot me an email { see below } + pop over to Samples. and Some Love. to see what beauty we can make.
  2. Know Your Social. Blogging is no longer the optimal SM platform to reach local markets.
  3. Get Local. A number of quality resources in Rochester exist to optimally connect us to our local community. { See About Barbara Ellen. for a few of my favs! }

Shopping Local is a lifestyle. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with the latest. Checkout the timeline below to see how my writing has evloved!:


  • 2014 – present: Freelancer + Shop Local Blogger
    • { live the life you love. Currently, I freelance for Sara Silvio Jewelry, local, beautiful,  + handcrafted. I was also a contributor to (585) Magazine. Find a list of my publications on Linkedin! }
  • Summer 2014: Copywriter
    • { professional. I have the pleasure of being a Capra Strategy client … and I also had the extreme pleasure of working as part of their team! We strategized, I wrote copy, + we had fun doing it. }
  • Summer 2013 – February 2015: Shop Local Blogger + Campaigner
    • { best kept secret. Networking! In the Summer of 2013, I hooked-up with Capra. They catapulted my humble beginnings into a new website, with a new look + tone that feels professional and authentic. }

How to get Barbara Ellen to write, edit, create, do, + handcraft for you?? Shoot her an email: